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  1. axio

    Tenor horn duet and Brass Band

    Euphonium duets can also work, often just with transposition of the solo parts. We did that with the Pearl Fishers (much to the chagrin of the Euph section) and it worked well.
  2. axio

    test pieces with soft endings

    Not sure if this self-promotion is out of line, but in case you were looking for something for your band I'd love to suggest this new 3rd section test with a quiet and sombre ending: and generated audio:
  3. axio

    In honour of Stupid People

    Just consider that in order for each of those to be printed... someone must have got it wrong....
  4. axio

    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : August 2006

    I would like to nominate our website because we think it is pretty :)
  5. axio

    Lack of trust in the world of new technology!

    No respectable organization will ever send you an email that asks you for your logon details inside the email, or the webpage the email displays.
  6. axio

    Yay for Italy

    What about that penalty kicking... and after hearing the commentators go on and on and on about how the Italians will do anything to avoid penalty kicks. Great game (apart from that one incident in extra time...)... well done Italy.
  7. axio

    Young Composer Premiéres

    I wonder if the organizers' intention is to restrict established professional composers from entering, and the easiest way to achieve that was by setting an age limit.
  8. axio

    Now that's how to deal with stroppy women.

    It is not simple current that is fatal, it is also the duration of exposure to current at that level. It is said that 50-100mA to the heart muscle can cause cardiac arrrest, but this needs to be maintained for seconds. A taser shock, I imagine, would be very much shorter.. in the order of a...
  9. axio

    Best prank you've pulled....

    People shouldn't leave their PC's unattended for long periods of time.... otherwise people might take a screenshot of their desktop with all the stuff on it.. and then hide all the stuff in folders and replace their wallpaper with the screenshot..... It was fantastic watching someone...
  10. axio

    Sold/Expired De Haske website launched

    While this might not be the most appropriate place... can I just mentioned a couple of things. Firstly the website is very slick. :D Generally when purchasing band music, we purchase it in batches. The selection is made by scanning through catalogs, and listening to demo CDs. As far as I...
  11. axio

    Serious computer breakage problem.

    For the record, most CD drives have a subtle little hole, and come with a thin piece of steel so that in the event of the CD drive not opening you can release the drive latch by pressing the steel pin through the hole. :)
  12. axio

    Who loses the parts?

    Backrow cornets.... they are to sheet music what my washing machine is to socks! :rolleyes:
  13. axio

    Is a loud sop a good sop?

    ooo.. this thread is back.... One thing that did strike me the other day (when the MD was ranting about practice) is that I think sop requires more practice to maintain match-fitness. Sure, we are taking about a C-Grade (3rd section) band here... but generally the rest of the capable players...
  14. axio

    How loud is a band?

    A fair few string and woodwind players in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra wear ear-plugs on stage.. so presumably there are good ones around.
  15. axio

    TMP headlines for your band web site

    These are really neat :) As far as I can tell these link to files hosted by tMP. Would it be possible/permitted to host the swf's ourselves so that there isn't a blank box on our site if tMP is down?
  16. axio

    Problems with Co-players

    Generally people causing those kind of problems aren't a good fit for the band culture, and the MD may be quite happy with a solid excuse for asking them to leave. I really can't imagine in this situation that the problem person is well liked throughout the rest of the band... but of course I...
  17. axio

    Your three favourite brass band CD's

    1. Legend - Peter Roberts & YBS 2. Windows of the World - YBS ....hmmm then it gets tough.... maybe Brilliant Brass (National Band of NZ live from a few years back) or Journey Into Freedom - Enfield Citadel ... they can count half each so I don't blow the allocation of three :p ... tho I...
  18. axio

    Nice night in!

    No phone calls...!
  19. axio

    I need somehelp.

    Gotta have the air supply behind it. The ku syallable kinda works by blocking the airflow at somewhere other than the lips... without good air its easy to choke the ku syallable.
  20. axio

    War on terror - Press release

    Oh dear... that's the sort of thing my father would usually find and present.... :p