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  1. Heppy

    Why do soprano players never own their own instruments?

    Well the first sop I had from my band had to have an elastic band on the first and third valve slides to stop it flying off when I played loud notes. That was an old Schilke though. I inherited it and as it got older, the tuning started to go as did the valves. The second sop I got was another...
  2. Heppy

    Why do soprano players never own their own instruments?

    I've never owned my own and as far as I know, all the lads in the big bands don't own them either. Whats the point when someone will buy one for you? I generally need a new one every two years anyway, so let the band take the financial strain I say! Sop Jigby
  3. Heppy

    Brass In Concert

    Last again I would have thought, we were bleeding awful but with two weeks notice what can you do! I'm sorry, Lord Nicholas of Delph wouldn't have let his boys out of Queensbury sounding like that! Smed Jigby Band
  4. Heppy

    David King Leaves YBS

    not really......
  5. Heppy

    Brenden Wheeler in motorway accident

    Don't die bren, you still owe me a tenner you dirty abbo!
  6. Heppy

    Who inspired you to become the player you are today

    Phillip Lamb, 3rd cornet supremo of the Marsden (Riverheed) Band. He has a bit of everything.... only a bit though.
  7. Heppy

    Genuine Brass Band Legends

    Dave Horan. Someone who really does find cornet playing quite hard but struggles on non the less. A real trooper! Dave you legend......!
  8. Heppy

    English National Championship Predictions

    Completely unfounded I assure you ;)
  9. Heppy

    English National Championship Predictions

    I don't expect other people to come and listen to me play! Why would they want to, my own band moan about having to listen to me! I'm sure I missed 3 or 4 outstanding performances but I would have much rather been somewhere else. Surely there will be a CD of the gala concert and winning...
  10. Heppy

    English National Championship Predictions

    £25! S*d that! Plus the last thing you want to do after you have come off stage is sit listening to everyone else having a go. Why anyone would listen to a brass band contest (especially when there is a pub, blazing sunshine and world cup on the telly) I don't know. B O R I N G !
  11. Heppy

    New face at Marsden

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Paul Dale! I hear he's testing chairs for durability for IKEA now....
  12. Heppy

    "The greatest free show on earth"

    Hahahahahaha! Normal? I know that the top 2nd cornet player refuses to take the stage without 7 red roses and 3 litres of mineral water kept at 17o C in his dressing room.
  13. Heppy

    Commuting to Rehearsals/Gigs

    Obviously Dave!
  14. Heppy

    O.R.B March - What does its stand for?

    Oldham Rifles Brigade? O.R.B.......? B.O.C!
  15. Heppy

    Are you a big fish or a tiddler?

    Januaryman is the Sperm Whale of our band. Not only is he a MAHUSSIVE fish, he is the very fabric that holds our band together. God bless him...
  16. Heppy


    Sound Police? Januaryman is coming! Run.......!
  17. Heppy

    Holme Valley Brass Band Contest - 21st May 2006

    Being a British Open Band means that every player gets paid vast vast vast amounts of money on a 'cash for turning out' basis, meaning that the prize money wouldnt even cover the bottom 2nd cornet retainer, yet alone the cost of keeping Januaryman at the Jigby Whingers.
  18. Heppy

    Brass Bands

    Oh my god.... Maybe more practice and less boccing!
  19. Heppy

    Sold/Expired Pencil Clip

    Erm.... you could....