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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    I would point Euphonium Lite back to my second post above - it is the Arts Council and Sports Council and Children's Welfare Charities which would be the main lobbyists in respect of this legislation. However, as the law was passed, BBE flagged this up over the last 12 months or more, as the...
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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    I completely agree and hope that changes will be made to this ridiculous law which serves no purpose whatsoever. For now though all we can say is the Law is an Ass.
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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    Well done WEBBA for putting in place a BOPA for the West of England bands.
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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    Yes, the original law concerning child labour laws was written in 1963 and the current legislation updated in 2014. Unfortunately the Arts didn't lobby strongly enough against this badly written legislation but the Sports lobby got it right by inserting it only applies to young people who are...
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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    BBE have posted an excellent explanation about CPL but what is your band doing about it, particularly before the Areas?
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    How far did you travel to the area ?

    How about Tewkesbury (WoE) 138 miles? Crazy area boundaries that make Alder Valley compete in the WoE because they moved bandrooms just down the road! Tewkesbury is just 2 miles from competing in the Midlands.
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    Salvation Army Music and Secular Bandis

    At Tewkesbury Band we are currently playing, March- Stateside, Images of Praise, There is a Redeemer and Cause for Celebration and have recently had in our Praise Concert Programmes: Jubilation, Goldcrest, Marching Onward, Service Our Joy, The Children's Friend amongst others. Haven't checked...
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    Requests to change thread titles

    Please could you change the Tewkesbury Town Band title to Tewkesbury Town Band, 3rd Section, WoE, vacancies Thank you
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    Tewkesbury Town Band, 3rd Section, WoE, vacancies

    We have players due to go to Uni and other studies so we have a vacancies for 2 CORNET players (front or backrow) and a BASS player (Bb or Eb). ;) We are just off the M5 junction 9 so getting to us couldn't be easier. 3rd Section West of England Look at our website to see what we are about...
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    Nwcbba egm

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    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    You asked which bands would pre-qualify not which bands will be there as their country's current champions. So yes as it happens Cory will be there again as Welsh Champions 2011. Manger pre-qualify as 2011 Champion and all the others will have to qualify - some already have, as you suggest...
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    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    Only the champion band (Manger) will prequalify as the defending champion.
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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2011

    Where 2 bands tie on points for last place only those 2 bands are relegated. If 2 bands tied on second to last place then 3 bands would be relegated. So in this case only Weymouth and South Molton who tie on last place with 31.5 points are relegated.
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    Butlins 2011

    Tewkesbury have entered.
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    Holiday breaks in the UK

    :)Tewkesbury is a medieval town famed for its timber framed buildings. An ancient settlement situated at the meeting of the rivers Avon and Severn, a delight for those seeking "Olde England". Tewkesbury is renowned as having one of the best medieval townscapes in England with its fine half-...
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    Who is going to Butlins? (2010)

    Tewkesbury Town are in the 3rd Section this year, not the 4th.