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    Littleport Brass - L&SC 2nd - Baritone and Percussion

    Littleport Brass is an ambitious Second Section band, based approximately five miles from Ely in Cambridgeshire, rehearsing weekly on Wednesday evenings with our very well regarded conductor, Nick Garman. The band has a sensible summer and autumn programme of events, and competes in 3 - 4...
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    Bolsover Festival of Brass 2017

    Hi, Can someone please provide me with the contact details for the organisers of the Bolsover contest this year. The page on the Bolsover council website has disappeared without trace, and links from other sites (e.g. 4BR) do not work. Thanks for any help.
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    Littleport Brass - Trombone, Cornet and Tuned Perc.

    Littleport Brass is a friendly 2nd section band near Cambridge, with a sensible engagement list and a realistic chance of promotion back to the 1st section in 2017. We have vacancies for Solo Trombone, 2nd cornet and tuned percussion. If you are interested, please contact Sue Peacock by email...
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    Littleport Brass - Euphonium, Front Row and Tuned Perc.

    Hi all, Littleport Brass is a 2nd section band in the L&SC region, with realistic ambitions of being promoted to the 1st section in 2017. We are currently have vacancies on second euphonium, front row cornet and tuned percussion. Otherwise, the all positions are filled and we have just started...
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    New MD Required - Littleport Brass (L&SC 2nd Section)

    Littleport Brass is looking of an enthusiastic and committed MD to help take the band to the next stage of its development following a prolonged period of success under its current MD. Littleport is a 2nd section band, based approximately five miles from Ely in Cambridgeshire, rehearsing weekly...
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE - Shilke Eb Soprano Cornet (Beryllium Bell)

    Hi, I am selling a Shilke Eb Soprano Cornet with Beryllium Bell. The instrument is just over 10 years old, but still in very good condition. It plays as well as it ever has done, sounds brilliant and the valves and slides are still fantastic - pretty much as good as they were new. There are a...
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    Butlins 2014 - Rehearsal Rooms

    Hi, Does anyone know how you go about booking a rehearsal room at the Butlins contest? I cannot find any information on this. Also, if the rehearsal rooms on site are full, can anyone suggest a good alternative venue for the Saturday morning? Thanks in advance.
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    2nd and Bass Trombones - Waterbeach Brass - Cambridge

    Waterbeach Brass are a friendly third section band based just north of Cambridge. We are aiming for promotion to the second section, and have a healthy contest and concert programme over the coming months, including playing at Butlins in January. We are looking for a 2nd Trombone and a Bass...
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    Tuba Exercise Books

    Hi, I'm looking for an exercise book for Eb bass. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    Cornet player available for Butlins

    Hi, I'm keen on going to Butlins this year, but my band are not playing. Would much prefer to play with someone rather than go to just listen. Currently play Sop for a decent 3rd section band (2nd section until this year). Willing to play any tutti cornet position (or Sop if you need...
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    Waterbeach Brass - Bb Bass, Bass Trom and Percussion (LSC)

    Waterbeach Brass are a 3rd section band in the L&SC area looking to gain promotion to the 2nd section. Due to relocations and changes in personal circumstances we have a number of vacancies that we are looking to fill to complete our lineup, namely one Bb Bass, Bass Trom and percussion (both...
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    Percussion and Bass Trom needed - Bolsover Contest - 7th October

    Waterbeach Band (near Cambridge) are contesting at the Bolsover Entertainment Contest on Sunday 7th October. However, we have very recently lost 2 percussion players in quick succession, who we have not yet replaced, and we also need a Bass Trom. We are in the 2nd section. We will be...
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    Uniforms - Black Shirts

    My band is considering changing its uniform from the traditional blazer and white shirt to something more modern and/or less formal. One proposal is for the band to simply wear black shirts/blouses (possibly with a coloured tie) at some of the less formal jobs such as summer fetes etc...
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    Exciting Concert in Oxford

    The Oxford University Brass Band are holding their termly concert on Friday 21st November at 8pm at the University Church, Oxford. The concert programme will include Windows of the World (quite probably the full 6 movements), Hymn to the Fallen, James Bond, Demelza, Finlandia and more...
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    Cambridge RAG

    Hi all Cambridge University Brass Band will be holding their annual concert in aid of Cambridge RAG this coming Saturday (23rd). The band will, as ever, be playing a wide range of music, ranging from traditional brass pieces to popular and film music. And all in aid of a good cause. The...
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    Hi - I want to play 'Memory' from Cats as a Sop solo with my band. But I was wondering what the best arrangement was. There seem to be several out there. I've heard a Grimethorpe recording on a CD called 'Let's Face the Music', but I haven't seen the CD sleeve, so I don't know who the arranger...
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    Joint Concert, Cambridge, 17th November

    Cambridge Univeristy Brass Band and Somersham Town Brass Band will be holding a joint concert in Cambridge on Saturday 17th November at Emmanuel United Reform Church, starting at 7:30pm. It should be a good concert, with both bands planning on playing a wide range of music. I know our...
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    Charity Concert

    Cambridge University Brass Band will be commencing its annual tour on this coming Thursday. This year, we are going to South Wales. As part of the tour, we will be holding a conert in aid of the Michael Blakey Memorial Fund. It's going to be held in Swansea on Friday 16th, at St Paul's Church...
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    First EVER Varsity Concert!

    Saturday 17th Feb will be the date of the first ever varsity concert with the Cambridge and Oxford University Brass Bands. In standard joint concert format, each band is going to do one half of music followed by some joint pieces at the end. It should be a good show as both bands have been...
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    The Stella Awards 2005

    The winners of the 2005 Stella Awards have been announced! What are the Stella Awards I hear you cry? Well, we've all heard the stories of the ridiculous litigation that goes on in the States (such as the one about the guy in the motorhome on the freeway - which is completely false). The...