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    Youth Adjudication Panel at Yorkshire

    A lot of your posts seem to be praising the Yorkshire Regional committee. Anyone would think you were the secretary or something . . . . .
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    Area Test Piece Workshops

    It would make sense if there were no costs involved, but how many adjudicators are going to travel the length of the country to attend these workshops for nothing? If these guys offered their services free of charge I would imagine your suggestion might become a reality. To take wantapies...
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    Critical Brass Theory..........

    come on shaggy, get a grip! do try and keep up.
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    The tMP'ers Almanac

    There will be a number of unnecessarily critical posts by a so-called professional trumpeter, who's never happy unless he's complaining or running people down, EDIT: Insult removed!!!! Give it a rest!
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    6th Harry Potter book Rumour!

    Watch out Potter, I know where you are. You won't get to Delph, not if my Flying French Horns have anything to do with it. AVADA KEDAVRA! - Oh Buqqer, missed! :twisted:
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    Masters Adjudicators.

    Perhaps they've forgotten about it! :lol:
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    Ebbw Vale Contest News - Ooops!

    'the full story' . . . so the banding tabloids have only been given half the story then . . . :dunno
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    Are we being ripped-off!

    here, here! I agree with Philip. Three cheers to the Band Publishers who do the job properly, minimal mistakes, deliver on time and provide an excellent service et all.
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    Are we being ripped-off!

    I've noticed a recent trend by some music publishers to publish brass band sets which come complete with what the publishers call 'World Parts'. These are parts that include Horns in F (covering flugel and Eb horns) Tenor Trombones in bass clef concert pitch, Bass Trombone in treble clef and...
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    Michael Owen on tMP?

    dye his hair blonde and i think he looks like a young freddie starr :lol:
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    Could French Horns play a part in the brass band?

    will it have optional Eb Horn parts - just in case? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    if you've never used it how would you know. i would imagine other publishers sales have risen with this facility. and how can it swing either way. if they listen to it and dont buy it - fair enough - but would they buy it in the first place? where do you put out your fancy zappy press...
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    Pontins 1st Section Results

    I thought Alan Lawton's reading of Resurgam was superb and having heard the majority of bands in the first section i thought Vernon Building Society Poynton Band would have walked away with the first prize. Milnrow were also very, very good and deserved their second placing. It amazed me how...
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    Well done to all the Pontins winners!

    having replaced more than half of the band with ex championship section players what result did you expect? re the comment on the lower section finals, which has also appeared in the letters page on 4barsrest i think you need to learn that contesting is contesting and you either gracefully...
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    Sold/Expired 2 years on & this is my tribute

    It would be interesting to know how much profit from the sale of this music is actually going to the charities involved!
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    Dundee Predictions - tMP Competition

    1 Crewe co-op 2 Stourport 3 Carlton Brass 4 Long Eaton
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    Who's going to pontins

    Sorry Helen, but how can you use the words 'classy weekend' and 'Rhyl' in the same sentence. Surely Pontins can't be that bad.
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    Open errata!

    Is this acceptable? You do get the odd error here and there, but a list of errors this long with todays modern technology just cannot be justified. Who published this music and how much did it cost? I think that all bands appearing at the 'Open' tomorrow should at least be given their...