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  1. Bryan_sop

    One for the teachers, student standard?

    Here's a question for the brass teachers on here, What would you class as exceptionally good standard and, is it regional? Would a 12 year-old cornet/euph/horn etc etc player expect to be of a better standard in, say yorkshire, where banding is very popular than say, where I teach, in...
  2. Bryan_sop

    Interesting old Cornet

    I've just met up with a chap who got my number from a friend. He has an interesting old Cornet that he wanted someone to have a blow on to see if it played ok, so I obliged. It's in tune with itself with the smaller crooks but the slides don't move so the lower pitches are out of tune when you...
  3. Bryan_sop

    Fined for not paying nothing?

    Anyone else been in this situation? I got a train from my village, waterbeach today to nearby Ely, to teach a promising young lad on cornet. After finishing I got back on the train but got off 1 stop later, at Cambridge. A journey that costs exactly the same (waterbeach - Ely return = £4.00...
  4. Bryan_sop

    SATs at 10

    Just wondered what people thought of putting 10 year olds through exams? One of my Junior schools did is whilst, I understand, some Junior schools boycotted them? In my opinion, the teachers should be able to recognise and comment in their reports, on theprogress of the children they teach...
  5. Bryan_sop

    Haydn I need a book?

    Just been booked to play 2nd tpt in Haydn creatisn tomorrow. Guess I need a book?
  6. Bryan_sop

    Mad Dogs & Englishmen - A celebration in words & music of things English

    The City of Cambridge Brass Band, Ely Cathedral Choir and Ely Imps. Saturday May 22nd Ely Cathedral - 19.30 The City of Cambridge band will be performing, and also accompanying The Choir of Ely Cathedral and Ely Imps. The concert will be celebrating music by Composers such as Holst, Elgar...
  7. Bryan_sop

    City of cambridge brass band appoints new musical director

    CITY OF CAMBRIDGE BRASS BAND APPOINTS NEW MUSICAL DIRECTOR The City of Cambridge Brass Band is pleased to annouce the appointment of Steve Phillips as its new Musical Director. Steve started playing in brass bands at an early age with the Salvation Army, spending several years with the Derby...
  8. Bryan_sop

    MD Required, City of Cambridge Band - L&SC Championship section

    The City of Cambridge Brass Band is looking for an enthusiastic MD to continue its work towards the L&SC Regional contest, Championship section. The band have also entered the LBBA Leicester open contest, and have the inevitable Christmas concerts coming up. For further info, drop...
  9. Bryan_sop

    Teaching Children without an instrument

    I've recently taken on a young lad as a private Cornet student. After today's lesson (only my 2nd lesson with him) his mother commented that it was nice to hear me playing too. After asking her what she meant, she told me that his previous teacher, at school, never even got his instrument out...
  10. Bryan_sop

    City of Cambridge Bands Pre-Masters Concert

    The City of Cambridge Brass Band with Belgium's Brass Band Buizingen St Giles Church - Cambridge - 7.30 The City of Cambridge band are joined by Belgium's Brass Band Buizingen, who will be performing the test piece for the All England Masters Contest the next day, Masters of Space and...
  11. Bryan_sop


    Anyone else on Twitter? I've heard lots of people talking about it on the Radio and was bored, so I signed up. Not really that exciting is it? just like the status updates on Facebook with not much else?! :confused: I'm on there as bryanthetrumpet
  12. Bryan_sop

    A Charity concert The City of Cambridge Brass band - Ely Cathedral - 22/12/08

    22 December 2008 - 7:30 PM A Charity Christmas Carol Concert The City of Cambridge Brass Band, Ely Cathedral Choir and Ely Imps Soham Staploe Rotary Club and Ely Cathedral Trust present "A Charity Christmas Carol Concert" in aid of MAGPAS (The Mid-Anglia General Practitioner Accident...
  13. Bryan_sop

    Six Brilliant Fanfares

    Our band has been asked to play at the unvaling of a new clock at one of the Cambridge universities and they want us to play a fanfare. I've dug out 'Six Brilliant Fanfares By Celebrated Composers' which are only 7-8 parts, only to find that the lowest part (Bass Trom) is missing. I was...
  14. Bryan_sop

    City of Cambridge Brass Band featuring Catherine Martin, 13/9/08

    City of Cambridge Brass Band featuring Catherine Martin (professional operatic and oratorio soloist) Saturday 13th September St Lawrence's Church, Cambridge As a continuation of the band's highly succesful Church series, the band will perform a varied program including operatic arias by...
  15. Bryan_sop


    Anyone else a bit miffed that Scrabulous has been taken off of Facebook?! I'm trying to get along with the official Scrabble but it's Sooooo slow! Plus, I can't play any games with the Americans/Canadians that I've played with and chatted with on Scrabulous :mad::mad:
  16. Bryan_sop

    Laudate Dominum on Radio 3

    Did anyone else catch Black Dyke Playing Gregson's Laudate Dominum with the new added variations in it on Radio 3 this afternoon? I wouldn't have known about it but Mr Gregson emailed our conductor who then told us. It's on listen again here just after 2 hours and 40 into the program.
  17. Bryan_sop

    New resident conductor for the City of Cambridge Brass Band

    The City of Cambridge Brass Band is pleased to announce the appointment of Duncan Wilson as its Resident Conductor, to work in conjunction with the Band's Musical Director, Peter Bassano. Duncan Wilson started playing with local brass bands in East Anglia and went on to study tenor trombone...
  18. Bryan_sop


    During our rehearsal tonight, we realised something.... Our conductor, Peter Bassano is adjudicating the 1st section in Yorkshire, alongside Rob Childs.... 2 weeks later, he's conducting the same section...Rob Childs is the only adjudicator (us poor and weak southerners only get the 1)...
  19. Bryan_sop

    Kill it, Cook it, Eat it

    Following on from comments in SQ's Battery vs Free range chicken thread about this program. I just thought I'd see who's been watching and what are people's opinions.... The main thing with this program I think is highlighting the plight of young animals. So far I've seen Piglets, Kid Goats...
  20. Bryan_sop

    City of Cambridge Brass band require resident conductor/band

    Applications are invited for the position of resident conductor/band trainer to work with Peter Bassano and City of Cambridge Brass Band. Audition rehearsals will take place in the last two weeks of January 2008. Applications (short CV, letter of interest) to or...