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    The Last Post

    JUst wondering with Rememberance Sunday coming up, has anybody got a link that has got a copy of this and Revalli? I need it but cant find it online anywhere! (Sorry if this thread has been posted already) Thanks
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    Sold/Expired St.Dennis Band New Cd! "Our Heritage"

    Hi! I dont know if Aj has posted about St.Dennis's brand spankin new CD! such an easy listener, and its only £10.50 (including postage and packaging) any body interested then send me a PM or an email Cd includes: The Cossack There You'll Be Let Me Try Again Singin' In...
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    Torquay - Whos's going to be there?

    I certainly am! but i was just wondering who is going to be there as there havent been any posts on this area! So whos going to play or even go watch and support? Go St.Dennis!!! HeHe soz a bit biased!