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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    That's a fantastic piece, would be a tough baptism of fire for the promoted 1st section bands however. I'd also like to agree with our MD's suggestion of Seascapes, another great, but sadly underused, work.
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    Borrowed Players for Spring Festival

    Sandy, the rules are available here ( I don't see anything that mentions 4 players anywhere, registration is covered in rule 9 and everyone playing in the Spring Festival (and the Open) will be on their own registration database.
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    English Nationals 2012

    Just discovered this on Rothwell's website. It now looks like there will only be 8 bands at Preston (unless someone else get's an invite which seems highly unlikely as their should have been 10 originally). Here's the link "29th March 2012 - Band Withdraws from...
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    Security Issues...........

    I get the same (other than the IP address is but that could be a typo)
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    Durham Contest 17th July

    Not according to the Website. I've not had anything back from the organisers either since sending our entry fee in.
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    Cornet player available in Darlington area

    Carl, Reg Vardy have a vacancy on the back row if you're interested. Were based in Stanley about 40 mins from Darlington and have a full diary of events coming up including the Royal Albert Hall in October as newly crowned Area Champions. If you fancy coming up for a blow give me a call on...
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    Date for 2009 Northern Regional

    Northern Area Dates Trevor, the dates for the next 3 years for the Northern Area Contest are :- 2009 - March 21st & 22nd 2010 - March 20th & 21st 2011 - March 19th & 20th The Regional Committee have instigated a 3 year rolling plan with the Dolphin Centre to avoid any future...
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    West of England League Tables

    As have the North of England Tables. The link to the website is The 2007 tables aren't complete yet as I'm waiting for the results of any appeals to promotion/relegation but i'll update them as soon as I get the go-ahead.
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    S.Tyneside Health Care Trust Band

    Colin, not sure where you got your information from, but, when I joined the Band at the end of 1978 they were still known as Harton & Westoe Colliery Band and as far as I remember were still called that when I left after the 1984 Area contest when they competed in the Championship Section...
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    Trumpet Blues & Cantabile

    Help, our MD has programmed this piece in a concert on Saturday and having got the set out of the library it appears that the Solo Cornet 1 & 2 part is missing. Does anyone in a band who has this think they could scan a copy and e-mail it to me at some point please my e-mail address is...
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    Fantasia on British Sea Songs - Urgent Parts required

    Our set of Fantasia on British Sea Songs (Henry Wood arr Denis Wright) is missing the 2nd Horn, Eb Bass and percussion parts. If anyone can assist with these before Saturday I would be most grateful. Either PM me or e-mail me at many thanks
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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    Hard luck yesterday Rach (can't beleive I failed to notice the mini skirt) but the good news (depending on your viewpoint) is (pending ratification from the area committee) only Broughtons will be relegated (and they can appeal) from the Top section as there are only 10 bands on the grading register
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    Pukeage at Spennymoor

    All i had was a sausage sandwich and a few (ok several) pints of lager, mine started at 2am tues morning and i was resident in the toilet till about 8pm last night although i didnt feel totally right till today.
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    North East Areas 2005 moved to 26th-27th February

    I can confirm that it was indeed the Dolphin Centre made the error not the Regional Committee, and this resulted in the contest being brought forward 3 weeks. This was the closest free weekend to the original date. Other venues were also considered but none were available for the whole of the...
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    British Open Test Pieces

    The organisers of the British Open have gone on record to say they have given this decision a great deal of thought and have no intention of forgoing thier music commissioning policy. It will certainly make for an interesting day for the bands and a really enjoyable day for the audience who will...
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    DESFORD 1987 - 1992

    After winning in 1987, 1988 & 1989 (barred in 1990) and then again in 1991 as already reported, Desford missed a 5th win by 1 point in 1992 when they were placed 2nd on New Jerusalem. The following year they gave a rip roaring performance of Devil and the Deep Blue Sea which found no favour with...
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    According to my information tickets for the whole day (Contest & Concert combined) are £14, £15, £16, £17 & £18 depending where in the hall you want to sit. I have no idea how many are left but the breakdown is as follows :- Auditorium £17 & £16 Tierred seating £18 & £14 (restricted...
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    Grand Shield/S Cup/S Trophy Pieces

    I have heard an interesting viewpoint (not mine) that suggested that the British open piece from year X should be the Grand Shield piece for year X+1, The Senior Cup Piece for year X+2 and the Senior Trophy Piece for year X+3. Therefore for 2004 we would have Venus+Jupiter, Maunsell Forts and...
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    Worst winning performance?

    Railton, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but the performance of Blitz on the 1999 regionals CD is the actual winning performance from the 1990 All England Masters contest. I hope you enjoyed Indian Summer however, as it was my Band that recorded it.
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    Ever Ready Band Vacancy

    The Ever Ready Band requires a first class tuned percussionist to complete our line up. The Band has a full engagement list of concerts and will be appearing at the Nationals in London, Brass in Concert and the Mineworkers Contests. Interested parties should apply in confidence to Les...