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  1. Sharpy

    Conductor/Trombonist Hampshire area

    Hi all, I'm moving back to the Hampshire area beginning of May and have got the brass band bug again! Ideally looking for a band to conduct or play with and 2nd section or higher. I've got loads of experience at all levels and my new job means I'll have time to do some brass band stuff again...
  2. Sharpy

    HMS Collingwood Volunteer Band-Brass Players

    Hi, The HMS Collingwood Volunteer Band is looking for some tuba players! The band is a symphonic wind band that is currently the Best Band in the Royal Navy Volunteer Band Association. The band has a good mix of concerts and other engagements in support of the Royal Navy. Currently the band...
  3. Sharpy

    Gosport Solent Brass rehearsal 12/07/11, Solo Cornets

    Hi, Due to other commitments we have no Solo Cornets for our rehearsal tomorrow. If anyone would like to come along for a blow and to help out please get in touch. They are friendly bunch and we always go to the bar for a drink after practice!! We rehearse at 7.30 in the Privett Suite of the...
  4. Sharpy

    Gosport Solent Brass Vacancies

    Gosport Solent Brass are a friendly 4th section band and are currently looking for Solo Cornet players. We have a full band but could really do with just two more Solo Cornets to complete the line up. Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings at 19.30 and Sunday mornings at 10.30 in the Privett Suite of...
  5. Sharpy

    MD/Trombone player Hampshire area

    I'm currently looking to expand my experience in conducting, I have conducted lower section bands regularly upto Championship on occasion. I have played in all sections and currently I'm in the Royal Marines Band Service as a Trombone player. As well as Brass Bands and Wind Bands I've played in...
  6. Sharpy

    Gosport Silver Band Open Rehearsal

    Hi, Gosport Silver band are holding an open rehearsal on the 27th of October at 19.30 in the Privett Suite, Thorngate Halls, Bury Road, Gosport. If you would like to come for a listen or a blow please feel free to come along. They are a really friendly bunch and always welcome new players. We...
  7. Sharpy

    Sold/Expired Trombone for sale

    I have a Holton TR159 Bb/F trombone for sale. Its meant to be a tenor trombone but its big enough to be a mini bass trombone for any younger players. The slide is immaculate and the bell has a few tiny dents from mute use. The laquer is in very good condition too. Im only really selling it as...
  8. Sharpy

    Gosport Silver Band gets new uniforms

    The Gosport Silver Band are celebrating after getting a new set of uniforms. The uniforms were purchased with help from Hampshire Council and Band fund raising. The uniforms were "debuted" at a concert in the Thorngate Halls, which also featured the Training band Gosport last Sunday and the Band...
  9. Sharpy

    Gosport Silver Band prepare to celebrate 40 years.

    On October 12th, Gosport Silver Band hold its annual John Fairhall Concert in Thorngate Halls, Gosport. This years concert is also a celebration of the bands 40th year and as such would like to see any ex members to either come and have a blow with the band again or just come and listen to the...
  10. Sharpy

    Anyone use the Maggio Method?

    I started using this method about a year ago after getting some bother at work. I went to see Gordon Campbell for a lesson and he gave me a copy and went through it with me. After about a month my sound and range had improved and I've found that coming back to blowing after a long lay off is a...
  11. Sharpy

    Royal Marines thank South Molten Band.

    Due to our impending deployment to Afghanistan, myself and other members of the Royal Marines Band Service have been based at Chivenor in Devon to train to be drivers. Whilst there four of us have had the pleasure of being able to keep our "lips in" at South Molten Town Band. It was a great...
  12. Sharpy

    Bands in Barnstaple/North Devon

    Due to a work relocation for 5 months I would like to find a band to have a blow with. Im based in Chivenor but have transport, also some of the other lads are looking for somewhere to keep their chops up too. My internet access is limited so please get in touch on my mobile number...
  13. Sharpy

    Gosport Silver Band's new faces.

    In preparation for the forthcoming Area Contest in Torquay, Gosport Silver Band are pleased to announce that they have enlisted Kevin Wiles on Soprano, Georgina Robertson on Cornet, Phillip Bryett on Euphonium, Matt Perry on Trombone and Alistair Gray on EEb Bass. All of these players are...
  14. Sharpy

    Trombone Player available in the South West. Also a bit of stick wagging!

    Name: Richard Sharp Contact details : 07875382691 Instrument(s) played: Trombone Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any How much notice do you require: not too little Name of your present Band: See playing history!! Royal Marines What...
  15. Sharpy

    Getting music published and copyrighted.

    Ive recently been arranging some music for wind band and orchestra and was wondering about how to get my arrangements copyrighted and then published. I havent got a clue where to start so any feedback would be really appreciated!!! Also if anyone wants any arrangement doing, drop me a...
  16. Sharpy

    Trombone practice mutes.

    Im looking for a Trombone practice mute that looks like a beret!! Its a material mute that Ive seen some guys use want to get one but dont know the name of them or where they come from! Any tMPers able to help? Cheers!
  17. Sharpy

    For all Beatles and Metallica fans!!!

    A mate of mine just guided me to this website!! Check it out and download the songs!! :metal: :metal:
  18. Sharpy

    Starting a Junior Band

    There was a thread on this not so long ago so mods please re direct me if you can find it!! But my band hasn't got a Junior Band at the moment and I think that it really needs one to act as feeder for the Senior Band. THe problem is I have no idea where to start!!! Anyone got any good...
  19. Sharpy


    Hello tMPers!! My names Richard Sharp and am a Trombone player in the Royal Marines based in Scotland. Im also the Resident Conductor of Tullis Russel Mills Band based in Glenrothes. I started playing about 17 years ago in Porthywaen Silver Band and only left them when I went to University...
  20. Sharpy

    Vitae Lux

    Im hoping to do Vitae Lux with my band but the score is in Norwegian!! Can anybody give me some background info on this piece please? Cheers!!