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  1. Deano

    South Wales Miners Welfare Entertainment Contest 2012

    The closing date for the above contest, to be held at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on September 15th, was Saturday 4th August, with an encouraging entry of 12 bands, including 4 bands entering the contest for the first time, the entered bands are:- Abertillery, Ammanford, Blaenavon...
  2. Deano

    Welsh Open Entertainment Championship

    Press release from contest controller Rob Gowing. The Welsh Open Entertainment Championship to be held at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on February 18th has 11 of the best brass bands in Wales competing, the bands are: Abergavenny Borough, BTM, Burry Port Town, City of Cardiff...
  3. Deano

    South Wales Miners Welfare Entertainment Contest

    The South Wales Miners Welfare Trust Fund has agreed to sponsor a 20 minute entertainment contest for bands in sections 2, 3, & 4, national grading, from a Welsh Coal Mining Community. Evidence in support of eligibility to qualify for this contest may be sought by the Sponsor, whose decision in...
  4. Deano

    Welsh Open Entertaiments Contest 2011

    "S4C will be carrying out a documentary style programme on the Welsh Open at Porthcawl on February 19th, 2011. The 1 hour edited programme will be broadcast approximately a week after the contest, so please check the S4C schedules in the New Year. With brass band events in the main stream...
  5. Deano

    Best Of Brass Concert, Bridgend, 11th July 2009

    A Best Of Brass Concert to celebrate the life of Alan Johns, who passed away with cancer last year, will be held at The Tabernacle Church, Derwen Road, Bridgend on July 11th, 2009 concert to start at 7pm. The nucleus of the band is made up of players Alan chose to play at his funeral, from...
  6. Deano

    Brass in Concert 2009

    I know it's a bit early with this year's contest only just taken place a week ago, but does anyone know the date for next year?
  7. Deano

    Extra Sponsorship for South East Wales Brass Band Association Contest

    After sponsoring the Treorchy contest last year, Mrs. Ann Coleman, wife of the late Gerald Coleman, has very kindly agreed to double the sponsorship donated last year. In 2007, in memory of her late husband, Mrs Coleman donated £1000 plus trophies. With the extra sponsorship donated this...
  8. Deano

    Alan Johns (Hornblower RN)

    Death of Alan Johns Alan passed away on October 1st 2008, losing his brave fight with cancer, at the age of 70. He played with Ogmore, Mid Rhondda, BSC Port Talbot, Ammanford and the Rhondda Big Band. Alan competed at the National Finals in the Royal Albert Hall in 1991 with Mid...
  9. Deano

    2008 regional contests

    Is there going to be any threads for each of the regions as in previous years?
  10. Deano

    Buy As You View no more!

    Looks like another of our top bands have lost their sponsorship, the band will revert back to their old name "The Cory Band" from the 31st March following a mutual decision to end the sponsorship. Source
  11. Deano

    New Sponsors for the Nationals

    Looks like Besson has been dropped by Kapitol as sponsors of the National Brass Band Championships
  12. Deano

    British Open

    Having searched for a thread on the Open and failed, I thought I'd start one. (if there is one already, please lock this one). How many fellow TMP'ers are going? I'll be there up in the god's, probably having a few jars afterwards as well.
  13. Deano

    Bandroom Insurance

    I don't know whether or not this topic has been discussed before. We've just had our renewal through for the bandroom and it has increased by 10% since last year. We've done some investigation on alternative sources but it seems that Norwich Union have the monopoly on our type of buildings...
  14. Deano


    It has just been announced that the Buy as You View Cory Band is dropping Cory from its title, this is in recognition of the six years BAYV has supported the band. What will happen if they decide to pull out as they have done with numerous other projects in Wales. Shouldn't bands try and...
  15. Deano

    WANTED: Cornet & BBb Bass players in South Wales

    The Ynyshir (Stacks of Tiles) Band currently have vacancies for Cornet players & a BBb Bass player, we are a friendly bunch with a varying calendar of Contests (2nd Section Nationally & locally), Concerts & more importantly Social Events. :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness If...
  16. Deano

    Senior Trophy results

    1. Staffordshire, John Hinckley, 5 2. Dobcross Silver, Denis Hadfield, 9 3. Unison Kinneil, Allan Ramsey, 17 4. Knottingley Silver, Kevin Belcher, 13 5. Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda, Alan Gibbs, 18 6. Longridge, Stephen Booth, 3 7. Kidlington Concert, Catherine Underwood, 1 8. Riddings...
  17. Deano

    Senior Cup results

    1. Ransome, Russell Gray, 1 2. Pennine Brass, Ian Porthouse, 19 3. BT, Mike Fowles, 17 4. Ashton Under Lyne, Philip Chalk, 5 5. BTM, David Hirst, 20 6. Laganvale, Ernie Ruddock, 13 7. Newtongrange, Alan Morrison, 14 8. Wingates, Roy Curran, 6 9. Bournemouth Concert, David Hayward, 12...
  18. Deano

    Grand Shield Results

    1. Sellers International, Philip McCann, 19 2. Rothwell Temperance, David Roberts, 12 3. Desford Colliery, Peter Parkes, 20 4. Kibworth, John Berryman, 13 5. Travelsphere Holidays, David Stowell, 5 6. Hepworth, Mark Bentham, 14 7. JAG Mount Charles, Bryan Hurdley, 21 8. Innovate...
  19. Deano

    Tuba Mouthpieces

    I've recently switched from Baritone onto Eb tuba and was wondering if any of the many Tuba TMP'ers would be willing to give some advice on mouthpiece selection. I am currently using a Besson 25 mouthpiece with a Sovereign Eb (the only mouthpiece the band had available when I switched)...
  20. Deano

    Porthcawl Entertainment Contest + Results

    I'm thinking of going down to sunny Porthcawl this Saturday (21/02/04), anybody know the full line-up of bands competing?