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  1. hornblower

    Croft Silver Band

    Required: We are currently looking to complete our line up for our performance of Brassed Off in May. We are a local friendly contesting band who rehearse on a Monday and Thurs evening 8 to 10 pm at the local school. All players welcome. Contact: If you are interested in joining us or would...
  2. hornblower

    Croft silver band needs you!

    Croft Silver Band Required: We are looking to complete our line up for the Midlands Area 4th Section. We are a local friendly band who rehearse on a Monday and Thurs evening 8 to 10 pm at the local school. We are in particular looking for a Bb bass but would welcome any new and old players...
  3. hornblower

    Eb Bass Player Looking For Band In Scotland

    I was playing with Clydebank, but the band has pretty much folded due to lack of players. I'm currentky bandless as a result
  4. hornblower

    Miners Gala 2009 - Who's going

    well said Dave.. it was very disrespectful to the 103 miners who lost their lives at Coundon - the pit accociated with the Leasingthorne banner we represent at the Gala. The band ahead of us were not allowed to stop either. Lets hope that next year we don't have the same problem. Other...
  5. hornblower

    Bands in Newcastle????

    I used to play with Dunston Silver, only left as we had to relocate with partners job. I really miss the band they are really friendly, great fun and I come all the way from Glasgow to play with them when I can!
  6. hornblower

    Players wanted!! Glasgow

    Hi All We have several vacancies for the 2nd Section Clydebank Burgh band. We require cornets of all positions! An Eb bass, bass trombone and percussion. Please see our website for more details at : Thanks! Kate
  7. hornblower

    You Wont Like This. Tuff!!

    Hi Wonky, just think how well we would have faired if it was the case... ;-) not sure it would help me up here in my new band though.....
  8. hornblower

    tMP presents: The World's Favourite Test Pieces 2006 - The Results

    well done dyl, and glad to see a few of my picks made it in, altho outside of the top spots... am interested, what is the highest 4th section nomination, and why is it so many pieces are championship / 1st section choices? Having played a fair few lower section text pieces, I have to say that...
  9. hornblower

    Alternative song lyrics

    frogs hopping towards me. Where's me jumper?.....
  10. hornblower

    Dodgy Barclays Bank email???

    As a daughter of a Barclays Bank Manager I cannot stress strongly enough that NO bank or building society would ever email and ask for your details, so please do be careful, there are a lot of scams out there, and yes do send any dodgy mail to banks etc as they can try to stamp this stuff out!!
  11. hornblower

    Tenor horn player moving to Glasgow area

    Hi guys, finally made the move north of the border, am going to Kings Park on Tuesday for a blow, so thats great, thanks for all the PM's I got! Hope all my Dunston Silver Band friends are working hard on the test piece... missing you all lots!
  12. hornblower

    Tenor horn player moving to Glasgow area

    Hi, thanks for that, and the PM's I've had as well, I'll be in touch when we move up, think it will be feb or early march before I'll be free to play. In the meantime many thanks, and if anything else crops up in the meantime I'd be grateful to hear from anyone. I'm glad it looks like I...
  13. hornblower

    Tenor horn player moving to Glasgow area

    Hello All, it is with huge sadness that I'm having to leave my 4th section band Dunston Silver, but commuting from Scotland is too extreme even for me! Therefore I'm hoping that there is a band in the Glasgow, Motherwell, Hamilton area who need a horn player. I've been playing with...
  14. hornblower


    P ? put S in and realised it was already guessed d'oh!!!!
  15. hornblower

    Prediction Competition!

    25th September at 18.45 as everyone who was at the championships who were not members try to join up!!!!!
  16. hornblower

    Dunston silver band - current vacancies

    oh dear, see Wonky got a record this time... upsetting the locals BEFORE he even gets there!!! Ah well... better add to the ad, you need a wide and varied sense of humour and a hide like a rhino to play in our band, much mickey taking , but purely in jest... which makes us one of the friendliest...
  17. hornblower

    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    WAYHAY well we came second... not sure how exactly and we all thought Wonky was winding us up when he came back with the results... but it was FANTASTIC!!!! Also amazing just how ****ed you can get within 3 hours...... :-0 ;-) Horrogate here we come... you've been warned!!! Well done 5...
  18. hornblower

    Wilkinsons - Watering Hole With Sky Sports Wanted!!

    well we took over half of the swan and Wonky got to watch his match!!! (No one else was really watching it, but think he got away with minimum stick!) Great driking sesh and it was good to be warm after freezing to death at the contest...
  19. hornblower

    Who's Doing the Wilkinsons Contest in November?

    Dunston Silver will be treking down from Gateshead.... they are all staying in a hotel, but I'm going to my parents, only 35 mins drive away, so get good grub and a early night (no blowout drinkies for moi!)