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  1. dazzyboy

    Want a magnetic trumpet that will make you exhaulted and bring good fortune?

    Found this on ebay thought the trumpets looked cool but don't think I'd buy off this description
  2. dazzyboy

    If you were a pie what would you be

    I think I would be a meat an 'taytah'
  3. dazzyboy

    High Street?!?!

    I know this is very random...but it's just something that I've thought and wondered if anyone knows the answer. Does anyone know why all High Streets are actually called High Street and not Shop St or Market St or 'Not-as-high-as-that-street-but-slightly-above-sea-level Street? Answer on a...
  4. dazzyboy

    Ah! Relaxation!

    Click here for stress relief!
  5. dazzyboy

    I can read your RANDOM mind

    I cant read your mind...this will>>>>>ooooooooooooooooooh!
  6. dazzyboy


    Hello Good morning, Bore da, Guten Tag and welcome to my pet shop Now today we have a giant bee for sale going very cheap A bunch of elephants for sale by mr Pavarotti A cute little sloth named buttercup A frog named clive annd some evil badgers oh and a dog who has a chronic...
  7. dazzyboy


    la la la la turn up your speakers loud and click for clicky randomy goodness lalalalalalaoohoohoo :shock: :shock: :D :D
  8. dazzyboy

    keep the rhyme going!!

    Now im starting this thread in rhyme and verse So please, please lets not be perverse Just write what you want about any small thing It could be rehearsal last night or songs that you sing The only rules are is that everything must rhyme so say what you want and please take your time Now...
  9. dazzyboy


    After last night's enforced prohibition (for our band anyway :cry: ) i was just wondering how many people will be attending this afternoons saddleworth spectacular, which is 'the beer walk'! Let us know if u are and what costume ur wearing!! I'll be the one with the big nose and funny hat...