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  1. GordonH

    Sold/Expired Wanted: Wick 2 cornet mouthpiece

    Hello, Has anyone got a Wick 2 cornet mouthpiece in good condition that they don't want? Not a 2B (or a 2L or a 2W)- a 2. Its the sort of thing someone might buy in error and have sitting in a cupboard. Classic or heritage style would be fine. Silver or gold. As long as the plating is OK send...
  2. GordonH

    Cornet - Edinburgh and surrounding area

    Following a lay off of six months I have been getting my lip in with a view to doing some playing. Due to work travel commitments I am not around till the beginning of December. My normal work commitments make playing in any band on a regular basis difficult, and I also won't do contests which...
  3. GordonH

    Sold/Expired Wedgwood Cornet For Sale

    Following my retiral from playing I am having a clear out of my trumpet and cornet equipment, starting with my Wedgwood cornet. Full details here: I am not in any particular hurry to sell it, but open to discussions. These...
  4. GordonH

    Which brass band is the oldest in the UK?

    I was just wondering this, but I don't think its going to be easy to answer as you would need to define what a brass band is/was. I have played in two very old bands. Penicuik Silver (1835) and Alloa (1842) but both of these started as military style bands with woodwind in them. Many of these...
  5. GordonH

    Instrumentation change for the nationals?

    I hear that the SBBA are considering introducing chromatic Vuvuzela horns as an optional section to the traditional band line up for next year's Scottish. See below:
  6. GordonH

    Cheesiest brass arrangement ever?

    I have a feeling this might be it: I mean, what were they thinking? How did the conductor get them to record it? There must have been a period int he pub before that recording. I am speechless.
  7. GordonH

    Cornet made in Glasgow in 1887 by Douglas & Sons

    I thought I would post a copy of this here because it may interest people who read this forum. I bought an old cornet a couple of years ago and eventually got round to having it partially restored. This is some before and after shots and a bit of me playing it. The reason I know its from around...
  8. GordonH

    Sold/Expired Besson Piccolo Trumpet for sale in Scotland

    F Besson piccolo trumpet model 260-MP-2 Silver plated (all plating intact). With original leadpipes for Bb and A which accept cornet shank mouthpieces. A clip of me playing the instrument - not a very good quality recording but it gives you an idea. This is a proper professional level...
  9. GordonH

    No, I did not mean corset!

    Looking for a cornet on Ebay: Some software is overly clever.
  10. GordonH

    Sold/Expired Some bargains on cornets from Myatt

    I got this in my email today, its ex rental instruments but quite a rnage not just the student level instruments. It might be of interest to someone here. The first price is the list price for a new one, the second one is the ex rental price. if anyone is interested. That...