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  1. boneman0970

    Contact Information for Frank Renton

    Hi, I'm just wondering if any TMP Members could assist me in having contact information for Frank Renton. If anyone has any information please could you PM me please. Thank you. Gav Vardy Bass Trombone
  2. boneman0970

    E-mail Address for Phil Harper

    Hi, I'm looking for an e-mail address for Phil Harper? I know he has a website but due to been totally Laptop thick. I do not have Microsoft for the Laptop to obtain his addy. Would apprecaite any help on the matter, please PM me with his addy Cheers Gav
  3. boneman0970

    Paddle for Vincent Bach Bass Tromebone 50B3LO

    Hi After the rigours of Armistice Day I seem to be missing from the 'Bands' bass trom a paddle that goes on to the Gb plug!!! Can anybody let me know where/how I can obtain a replacement for said paddle as all I have is a straight piece of metal now!! Any help will be gratefully appreciated!!
  4. boneman0970

    Sold/Expired Edwards B454 For Sale

    I have unfortunately decided to call it a day in my brass band playing!!! So my trusty stead is up for sale and other items Please feel free to have a gander Here's the link for the beast...
  5. boneman0970

    Trombone Section for Hire-Durham Miners Gala

    We would like to offer the services of a FULL Trombone Section for Durham Miners Gala This is an ideal opportunity to obtain Two Tenors and a Bass Trombone in one swoop for Durham Miners Gala The section can play any grade of band as we have all competed and played in the Championship Section...
  6. boneman0970

    Durham Based Band Requires Bb Basses/Eb Basses

    Gateshead Brass seeks the following to bring the band up to full strength. Tutti Cornets Bb Bass Eb Bass Other Instrumentalists welcome to apply The Canidates MUST be committed and dedicated to the band. The band has also relocated!!!!! We rehearse in the Prison Officers Club...
  7. boneman0970

    North East Band seeks Euphonium Player

    Due to University Commitments Gateshead Brass seek the talents of a Euphonium Player. The band has under gone Personnel Changes and we are striving to consilidate this! The band is also re-alocating to Durham as the majority of members are Durham based. If you would like a challenge...
  8. boneman0970

    Contact Details for Goff Richards

    Hi, Has anybody got the contact details for Goff Richards?? I would appreciate any info that you may have on him. Cheers Gavin Vardy Band Manager Gateshead Brass
  9. boneman0970

    North East Band Requires Musical Director

    Due to timewasters we have had to re-advertise this particular vacancy. Gateshead Brass require the services of an experienced Musical Director to take over from one of our players who is holding the fort. The canidate MUST be committed and dedicated to the rebuilding of this prestigious...
  10. boneman0970

    North East Musical Director Required

    Gateshead Brass would like to invite aplications for the above post. The band are looking for an experienced and dedicated Musical Director to help rebuild the band. Commitment and dedication is Paramount. We are an enthuisiatic and friendly team who want to go upwards and onwards...
  11. boneman0970

    The Devils Gallop

    Hi There, I've been given the arduous job of trying to locate the above piece' The Devils Gallop( The Dick Barton Theme) the item is featured on The Year Of The Dragon CD Having tried to order it from or normal stockists they have said it is now out of print! Can somebody give me any...
  12. boneman0970

    North East Bass Trom Seeks Champ/First Section Band

    No longer available Add no longer required
  13. boneman0970

    Score For'The Wizard'Geo Allan

    Could anybody help with the above. Do anybody Know how I can get hold of a score for the above march?? I'm trying to avoid the job of spending an eternity at the PC on Sibelius and if anybody could help me out I would of course try to renumerate the individual with liquid replenishment...
  14. boneman0970

    North East Band Requires Resident Conductor

    The band are currently seeking an enthusiastic and experienced Conductor with Immediate Effect. The band has currently been rebuilding due to key personnel changes. The canidate must be committed to the band and have the ability to move the band onwards and upwards. Also the canidate will...
  15. boneman0970

    Sold/Expired Surplus Brass In Concert Tickets 2004

    This is one of the best days in the banding calendar. Due to an over sight I have in my possession Three Tickets for this years event! The price for the ticket is £15.00 and it's incredible value for money as you get to listen to 10 of the very best bands, or if like me you pick your...
  16. boneman0970

    Calling all Students going to Durham/Newcastle/S/land/N/Land

    We are a Championship Section band based in the Gateshead area. We currently require a Principal Cornet/Tutti/2nd/3rd and also any tuba players. Transport can be arranged from these areas and instruments are provided If you would like to become a member of a friendly and progressive...
  17. boneman0970

    Gateshead Brass Requires Resident Conductor

    Gateshead Brass would like to invite applications for the position of Resident Conductor. The band is currently Championship Section and does have a fine nucleus of players. We would like to hear from conductors who have a proven track record conducting at this level and possess drive and...
  18. boneman0970

    Still looking for a score for MEPHISTOPHELES

    Has any body out there in our great Brass Band community got a score for Mephi? We are going to Easingwold and the Solo Cornet/Conductor part is some what vague! I don't think there is one in print but if anybody has got one is it possible for us to borrow it please?? Any information on...
  19. boneman0970

    Score for MEPHISTOPHELES!!

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a score for Mephi! Has anybody got one or tell me where I can get my hands on one from? We are currently rehearsing Mephi for Easingwold and are wondering if such a thing exists? Obvioulsy if someone has got one We would appreciate a loan of it or where we...
  20. boneman0970

    Contact For Lt.Col Chris Davis

    Has anybody got any contact details for the above ?? :?: Could you please pm them to me! Cheers Gavin Vardy Secretary Gateshead Brass