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  1. ian perks

    areas 2014

    2nd Section John O Gaunt :clap:
  2. ian perks

    Liverpool Football Club

    Yes so many fans jump on managers to quick and want instant things to happen, with David Moyes going to Man Utd now we will see how he performs with them.
  3. ian perks

    Liverpool Football Club

    Brendan Rodgers good start in first season at Liverpool.:clap:
  4. ian perks

    RIP Gary Horsley

    A true bandsman through and through. Was a pleasure to play in the same band as him. R.I.P Gary
  5. ian perks

    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    In 1977 i played with my school band Shire Oak (4th section) i was already in Walsall Met Junior Band so i heard the senior band play off number 2 draw on solo euph was Ken Vernon I was asked to join the senior band on 2nd Baritone in begining of May and went on to play at my debut contest...
  6. ian perks

    John Harrison vs Joseph Harrison vs Jack Harrison

    I have a record with John Harrison conducting Wingates dated 1974. Hope this helps a bit
  7. ian perks

    Innovations in Banding.

    So very true :clap:
  8. ian perks

    Innovations in Banding.

    Nothing worse than going to a concert outside and having cheap nasty seats to sit on for aprox 2hrs also at contests as well at times
  9. ian perks

    Contest nerves

    I take the attitude of someone is going to not do as good as what i will.:clap:
  10. ian perks

    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    As a Vinter fan would be great to see lower section with ALL Vinter pieces picked. BRING IT ON:clap::tup:woo:woo:hi
  11. ian perks

    Besson Sovereign quality

    I brought new Prestige Baritone in 2009 and just know what a great choice i made. SIMPLE :clap:
  12. ian perks

    Liverpool Football Club

    24 years ago today 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives at Hillsborough F.A CUP Semi Final. R.I.P for the 96
  13. ian perks

    Famous Brass Banders?

    Mike taught me on Baritone at BSM many years ago So ive got a claim to fame:clap:
  14. ian perks

    The Plantagenets - Edward Gregson

    As to be a great test this year for 2nd section bands ; I think Gregson as wrote some fine music for all sections to play. After all this was used for Championship section area in 1972 if im correct?
  15. ian perks

    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    You are spot on with this Keith On paper Devon Fantasy looks easy but if bands think that then the key points in each movement will be lost for sure the inner detail that as got to come through, ive never played the piece but was glad to see it been used for the 4th section:clap:
  16. ian perks

    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Here we go again reprinted parts and loads of errors ; It's just not on when bands have to pay out for music if they have not got it.:mad: Bands :hammer Printers
  17. ian perks

    End of 2012 going into 2013

    So as we get ready to say good bye 2012 and welcome 2013: What as been the highlight of 2012 for you and what are you looking forward to in 2013
  18. ian perks

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Well said :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  19. ian perks

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Newhall in 4th section played Three Minatures
  20. ian perks

    Do you think the move to a Kapitol Owned registry is Good, Bad or . . . . .

    Ive voted bad all round: Kapitol are trying to take over what ever they can and in my opinion made a mess of; The British Bandsman& The Brass Band World as well; God help us if they take over The Registry !!!!:hammer