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  1. ian perks

    End of 2012 going into 2013

    So as we get ready to say good bye 2012 and welcome 2013: What as been the highlight of 2012 for you and what are you looking forward to in 2013
  2. ian perks

    Time off from work for National's

    With all bands now made National Finals this year How many players have either got to take a weeks holiday, swap shifts, etc for work so they can play at the Final's
  3. ian perks

    Derby Contest 2012

    Who is going to Derby contest this year?
  4. ian perks

    The Dales Series

    Does anyone know who is the brass band playing the background music in The Dales series on a Monday night(8.30 pm) with Adrian Edmondson on ITV 1
  5. ian perks

    Royal wedding;Who is working?

    With the Royal wedding next friday who is working? If you are working; 1;Are you been paid for it 2 Given a day off at a alternative time. Our gaffer is paying us treble time instead:woo
  6. ian perks

    Weston Super Mare Contest 2011

    Who is going to Weston Super Mare Contest this year
  7. ian perks


    Did anyone see Crimewatch on BBC 1 Thursday Night 31/03/2011 The Phones 4U owner whos house got broke into etc? The person who played the victim was my girlfriends Son-In Laws ;Stepfather
  8. ian perks

    Christmas Day Working at all?

    Have you got to work today if so what do you do and what time are you working from and till. My Girlfriend went out at 6.30am works at a hospital working till 1pm
  9. ian perks

    The best of 2010 for you

    What as been the best thing for you in 2010 as this year been what you hoped it would be.
  10. ian perks

    Famous people born on your birthday

    Which famous people have been born on your birthday; 25th October; George Bizet Pedro Martinez Helen Reddy Glynis Barber
  11. ian perks

    School leavers off dole/prepared to train or have experienced person for the job

    This week our boss as took on a school leaver who had been on the dole since leaving school last year to train as a butcher as we have had a vacancy arise within the company. He could have had a experienced butcher but as gone for a school leaver and is prpared to give them chance in what is a...
  12. ian perks

    Old fashioned remedies that work for health problems

    Have you ever used or do you know of a old fashioned remedie that works for health problems i will get the ball rolling with: Upset stomach; Port & Brandy 2 parts port & 1 part brandy.
  13. ian perks

    The Best Of 2009 for you

    As 2009 comes to end what is the best thing that as been good for you
  14. ian perks

    The Best Test Piece over the last decade

    In your view what do you think as been the best NEW test piece used at a Contest this decade Open/National Final/European/Area/Masters. I will start this one off with: 2009:National Final Championship Section, The Torchbearer:clap:
  15. ian perks

    3 Slow Movements from a test piece to form One TestPiece in 3 movements

    There are some really wonderful and great 2nd&slow movements in test pieces if you could pick 3 2nd/slow movements to form a test piece up of 3 movements which 3 would you choose. 1:ROMANCE "Salute To Youth" 2:ELEGY "Epic Symphony" 3:ELEGY "Downland Suite"
  16. ian perks

    Buxton Contest 2009

    Who is going to Buxton Contest 2009?
  17. ian perks

    Midland area 4th section 1977

    Just reading about the number of bands that have played in 4th section this year ive a Programme in front of me now from Midland Area Saturday 30/April/1977 price 15p. When it was held at De Montford Hall &Wyggeston Girls College Leicester. That day 20 bands played in 4th section i played in my...
  18. ian perks

    Golden Balls ;Split/Steal

    How many of you have ever seen the game show Golden Balls hosted by Jasper Carrot? If so when it comes down to the split or steal ball to take the money or share with the person who you have got to the final with what would you do? Split or Steal?
  19. ian perks


    So a New Year as now arrived; What have you got planned for 2009
  20. ian perks

    Pet(s) and them taking tablets

    My cat Berlioz had to go to the vets last night emergency case at 10.15pm Turns out she had Cystitis. Vet bill was £115.00. Now she as got to have 3 tablets a day. She is not the best for having tablets so i will be crushing them up into powder form and then putting the crushed tablets on food...