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    Study Score for national finals!?

    Does anyone know if there is a study score on sale for the upcoming brass band finals at the albert hall? Cheers!
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    Could someone please end what has been a lifelong confusion! Why do some players play with what seems to be a plastic rim around their mouthpiece? Thanks!!
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    Sold/Expired Bourgeois scores anyone?!

    Does anybody own a score to apocalypse and or Blitz that they would like to sell (cheaply :wink: ) or let me borrow for a period-i need to study them!! ta! :D
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    Worst thing you ever did at school/uni?

    What was the naughtiest/ funniest/ or scariest thing you ever did at school/uni?
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    Do you believe in God?

    Do you believe in God or not? You don't have to give your name, just vote on the poll-but I thought it would be interesting to see how many tmp'ers believed in God. I don't believe in God-things like suffering, the bible-it is a book full of stories where's the proof that God wrote it?, God...
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    National Finals-Albert Hall

    When do the tickets officialy go on sale for the finals at the Albert hall? I rang up the box office and they told me not until mid june-the British Bandsman says they're on sale now?! :? Does anyone know?!
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    Eb bass teachers/players?

    Are there any experienced eb bass players/teachers that live in the shropshire area or in the surrounding area? I need experienced players/teachers to go and visit on a regular basis to help me extend my playing and develop my own personal sound. It would be ideal to be seeing a few different...
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    Concerts with choirs-love or hate them?

    I've got a concert this evening and it is again, one with a choir, in fact a ladies choir. I always approach these concerts with caution, because the choirs I have done concerts with are always really bad and seem to make their programme last forever!!! I seem to enjoy them because the band...
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    TMP-most visited website?

    Is the your most visited website? It certainly is mine!!!!! :lol:
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    Creme eggs

    Is it me, or do cadbury's creme eggs decrease in size each year? I'm sure they were bigger last year-and i think the price increases each year too!! Anyone noticed it too?
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    Banding or relationship?

    A really tricky question: Your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend) issues you with an ultimatum saying that if you don't give up banding they will leave you, what would you choose? Your relationship or banding? :twisted:
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    Brass Band Magazines

    We've had all the debate about Brass band music on the radio e.t.c.-what about brass band magazines? Which magazine do you buy? or do you not buy them and why?! :D
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    Quartet Contests

    I have just set up my own brass quartet of which I am going to conduct, (two cornets, baritone and eb bass/bass trombone) and all 4 of them are superb players. Does anyone know of any upcoming quartet contests, or where I can get info of them from? I presume they work the same as normal...