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    christmas fanfare`s

    Are there any publication`s of Fanfare`s to go with Christmas Carol`s.I would like to get Hark the Herald,O come all ye faithful,plus any other Fanfare`s that might be written. Mart The Durecell Bunny M/D
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    Congratulations to Kerwintootle!

    Nationals @RAH Well done Alex,my wife was the lady who waited till you came out of the Royal Albert hall to say you made her day by being the best sop player she heard all day.When i told her you were on tMp she wanted me to send you a note to congratulate you on your victory. We heard...
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    If anybody listerns to this Internet Radio station,It is through they played a piece of music called "Lascia chi`o Pianga".I think the band was The Kew Band from Australia.Has anybody heard it before and do you know the Composer or Publisher. Thanks for any help.
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    Listern to the Band 3/10/03

    Can anybody help with info about 2 pieces of music on Friday nights LTTB please. 1)Festival March Brittania 2)Fanfare of Praise. If anyone can help with the Publishers please I would be very grateful Wonkystickman M/D watford Band
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    Dragon Music Publishing

    Dragonmusic ordered Down by the Riverside,superb quality,easy to read,great to play,will be back for more Wonkystickman, M/D Watford band
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    Partita 4th Section Test Piece

    Big time sorry,not done intentionally.
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    Partita 4th Section Test Piece

    We will be purchasing the CD of Regional Test Pieces,but can anybody supply an MP3 File of this Piece please.My CD player is on the blink etc Cheers
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    Watford Band need you

    As stars of local radio,with an M/D who got his kit off on Ian Wrights show I`d Do Anything(he was the 13th chippendale)Watford Band need Solo Cornets,Horns,anybody mad enough to join this mad bunch. We also need a first class Triangle player who can count Contact for...
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    Watford Band on the Radio!

    as their m/d i was shocked to find 16 there before6.45,rehearsals are now going to be on a friday morning sharp,also we won the pie eating contest,1st bari had 6 in in one go
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    Fantasy football

    Croxley FC are coming to get ya
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    In which section do you play?

    I wave the white stick for Watford Silver Band,used to be Hosier and Dickinson,we did`nt compete last year,not enough players,but we`re on the way back up,looking out for those on the way down. We might not win anything,but big cheesy smiles after a good rehearsal counts for a lot. If only...
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    Flugel solo

    Can anybody help please,i need to find the publishers of a Flugel solo(i think),it`s called I`ve got you under my skin, Thanks for any help Wonkeystickman M/D Watford Silver Band
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    Alexander Owens Around The World

    We,as a band,have purchased the march Around The World,and it would be good to hear what it should sound like before we start to rehearse it.Is there a recording or better still a computer link to get it,and if you have played it any tips i can pass on will be gratefully taken on board...
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    Goff Richards Music

    It was the first time i`d heard it,Becontree Brass opened their concert with it.They also had Roger Webster as guest soloist,they did`nt let him down,his solo`s were quite taxing for the band,they only rehearsed sunday morning with him.Standard of second section in the south is getting better.
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    Goff Richards Music

    Thanks Roger,I checked there site first but could not find it.Ordered it now though.
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    Goff Richards Music

    Can anybody help please.I heard "Breezin` Down Broadway" but cannot find the publishers of it.Goff Richards wrote it,any help gratefully recieved
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    concert programme`s

    Thanks mattb,it`s a good programme,we have some of them,not all.Do you use large letters when you do YMCA,i saw a band bass section stand up at the appropriate time to spell it out.Francis Clifford has done a Film Suite based on horror,comedy,romance,and adventure.Good luck with your concert
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    concert programme`s

    i`ve e mailed them for info and prices.don`t suppose anybody has a sample to listen too.
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    concert programme`s

    any help please with the publishers of "Around the World".thanx
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    concert programme`s

    thanks for taking the time to post reply`s.we`ve got most,but there`s some i`ve forgotten about. cheers