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    Tameside Youth Band Contest 27/11/05

    well i know this was held today and this is my first time ive not been up there playing or listening for ages just wondering whats happened today
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    BBb Player, Championship Standard (midlands based)

    BBb NYBB principle 2005 also played with bands such as travelsphere, Ransomes, Jaguar, Kibworth and Hathern avaliable as Dep, pm me or if you need to phone me call 07709 342645, Can also play Eb bass or email
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    2005 Exam results

    Good luck any one getting exam results I myself have only just got my years uni results and found ive passed so good luck to anyone getting GCSE, A-S, A2, any scottish alternative or any other type of exam. Feel free to release results stress on here whej you know them
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    Xmas Music love it or hate it

    Its that oh so joyful time of year again and me being a Bass player have so interesting part in lovely lovely carols and you never play the same carols for every concert you do, do you and after 3 weeks of it they dont all sound the same rriiiiiiggghhtttt? well its the same every year and i know...
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    Brass Stereotyes

    Come everyone Do you do your best to fulfill every Bass Stereotype, ie Fat Bass players with beards and your all drink too much and the good old one the Brassed off stereotype
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    BBb or Eb bass Player living in leicester Looking for band

    Hi I'm predominatly a BBb bass player as i Have played that with NYBB, Ransomes and Jaguar. But do play Eb as well depping for Bands Like Towcester on that. I am at Leicester University and so have University Work to do But will fit Banding around that Email me at
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    Band Politics Myth or Fact??

    I thought i'd start a heated debate on this as i was bored. I personaly feel Comittiees can and sometimes do get away with murder. Also some family run bands can be very clicky and i'm not going to mention any but im sure other people will agree with me soa are committees a good or bad thing and...
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    Tameside Youth Contest

    Anyone going to tameside this sunday i think there are only 7 bands going
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    What make of tuba mouthpiece do you play on?

    I have recently changed mouthpiece from a Vincent Bach to a new model Perantucci and find this mouthpiece very comforatable and thought i'd do i poll to find out the most popular type of tuba mouthpiece. I also wondered what other users of this mouthpiece thought
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    Is it always true that age is linked to Experience?

    I myself being a 19 year old BBb bass player (especially as i've only been playing 6 1/2 years) find it hard for many older players to take me seriously (although i have deped for bands like travelsphere and ex member of ransomes in the Brian Grant Era mark 2) as they think that as im so young...