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  1. Gavin

    That 'wow' moment

    It was in Birmingham! Dove Descending was our own choice. Just as we were setting up the stage, the CD player we had brought with us for the bird noises decided to get stage fright and would not work. Me and Richard Clough were on stage for what seemed like an eternity trying to get the...
  2. Gavin

    The 158th annual British Open Brass Band Championship (2010)

    At the beginning of each episode of the TV show 'Soap', off-camera announcer Rod Roddy gives a brief description of the convoluted storyline and remarks, "Confused? You won't be, after this week's episode of...Soap"
  3. Gavin

    The 158th annual British Open Brass Band Championship (2010)

    Just to add a little more confusion - the parts we played off at the Europeans only have "On the Shoulders of Giants" on the top! I've had a look at the DVD and although it's "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" on all art-work and in the introduction by Frank Renton, you can see during the...
  4. Gavin

    The 158th annual British Open Brass Band Championship (2010)

    I like what you did there! It would be funny to see someone try to argue that point! However, it must be a typing error on someone's part unfortunately. When we played it at Cory it was called "On the Shoulders of Giants", it's currently for sale on Peter Graham's website as "On the Shoulders...
  5. Gavin

    National Championships of Great Britain - 2010 - Qualifying Bands - Champ Section

    Fair enough! I've not played it yet, but I do like his other works so should be a good 'un
  6. Gavin

    National Championships of Great Britain - 2010 - Qualifying Bands - Champ Section

    Not sure it will have been written with Pete in mind (although I can't be certain) as he left just before I did, a year before they went to Australia... Gavin
  7. Gavin

    canon - pachelbel

    We have a full brass band arrangement that was done for my wedding, although it hasn't made it onto our website yet... PM me if you're interested Gavin
  8. Gavin

    The once & future king study scores

    Following the success of selling the Study Scores at the Welsh Regionals, we are pleased to announce that they will be on sale at the North of England Regionals this weekend too! For all of you that wish to purchase one for the other areas, you can do so via our website and it will be mailed...
  9. Gavin

    Contact/help needed...

    Hi all We are trying to get in touch with Mr. J. A. Lester living in Fritchley, Derbyshire. Can anyone help? If anyone has any info at all, please pm me. Thanks in advance Gavin JAGRINS Music Publications
  10. Gavin

    Regionals 2009: Third Section Test Piece: The Once and Future King, Andrew Baker

    Very good point! We have already published several of his other pieces up to now; A SHORT RIDE IN A BRASS MACHINE SONATA PIAN' E FORTE THE SWORD AND THE STAR COVENTRY CAROL ES IST EIN ROS ENTSPRUNGEN On top of this, we have another 3 compositions that are about to be published and he...
  11. Gavin

    The once & future king study scores

    Sorry about that Keith. We thought about it long and hard about doing this and initially we got the ‘it’s never been done before - it won’t work’ type answers. But we eventually got some positive feed-back and decided to do it any way - and well received it has been to! Just a reminder to...
  12. Gavin

    The once & future king study scores

    JAGRINS is going to produce some study scores of Andrew Baker’s ‘The Once & Future King’ and will have them available for sale at the Welsh Area next weekend. If you’re not going to Wales but would like one for your Area, they will be for sale online at from Monday 9th March...
  13. Gavin

    Regionals 2009: Championship Section Test Piece: Salute to Youth, Gilbert Vinter

    I can confirm that it is jingles (or sleigh bells). There are many discrepancies between the score and part, both new and old. For example; * The wood block rhythm in the first movement is wrong on the part but correct in the score * At the end of the last movement (just before the 4/4)...
  14. Gavin

    Online Music (Sheet) Companies

    Don't forget JAGRINS - Might I also point you towards our latest Subscription Offer? -
  15. Gavin

    JAGRINS Subscription Service (Christmas has come early) Offer

    JAGRINS Subscription Service (Christmas has come early) Offer Please note that this offer will expire on 30th November 2008 and we will contribute 5% to of any Subscription taken out by a member (just quote TMP13). So, Subscribe before the end of November and you will...
  16. Gavin

    Areas 2009.

    Yes, Andy is dead right, we will have sets of his Once and Future King for sale at our trade stand over the weekend. In fact you will only be able to buy this piece from us (even after the weekend). In addition to Andy's test piece, we will also have with us other pieces of his and from the...
  17. Gavin

    Gavin Pritchard Leaves Tongwynlais

    After just over one very turbulent year, Gavin Pritchard has decided to leave the Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band. There have been many factors, which have led to his decision, not least events from the past few days. “It is with a heavy heart that I have come to this decision as in...
  18. Gavin

    Any new tenor horn solos out there?

    We have a couple in our catalogue (which you can find at that you might be interested in AVE MARIA by Caccinni Arr. Benjamin Tubb (£20.00) & EVOCATION FOR TENOR HORN by Stuart Pullin (£30.00) Neither have been recorded yet, so we don't have a sound-bite on the...