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    Some more funny recordings...

    Check out this site, these blokes are 24ct nutters!! Go to sounds page, under media. You MUST check out the "nahing" section, Nahrassic Park is a gem! And the 8va Carnival of Venice is hilarious. These don't care, they even played a gig. :o This site should...
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    Most embarresing moment at a wedding!

    At my brother's wedding, still having a bar of full-on descan't to play at the end of 'To God Be Glory' when the band had reached the final chord!! Whoops! The lucky begger's still sunning it up the carribean. I think he's forgiven me.
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    For Caravan Haters Everywhere

    My motor's like that in there vid clip WITHOUT the caravan!!
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    is this flugal range unusual ?

    Cobblers!! Derek Watkins can make a trumpet/flugel sound as big as a house from pedals to screamers! If you're doing it properly it doesn't matter what m/piece you use.
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    Professional/Forces players

    My brother uses a great quote to distinguish between pros and amateurs: Amateurs practice until they can get it right, Professionals pracitce until they can't get it wrong!!!
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    Concerts with choirs-love or hate them?

    I do a few concerts every year with choirs, and I particularly remember trying to play my way through Bach's Mass in B Minor with some old bint's music resting on my head! We were a bit tight for space so I was right in front of the octagenarian sopranos who were to lazy to hold up there own...
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    Help required for a Beer Festival!!

    Sorry I'm not available Sat a.m., but some of the Chi mob might be able to help! I'll mention it tonight at rehearsal. I'll send a PM tomorrow!
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    If you fancy porridge done slightly different try putting in a mashed banana while it's warming up, and use some honey to sweeten!!
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    A wacky future!!!!

    If you some cash and some spare time you could do this automated sheet music stand now! You'll need 20-odd wireless webpads with backlight colour touchscreen displays, and an off-site/internet music server. Visibility of the screen would be quite good, re: new mobile phones, and the webpads...
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    Let us know if you're short on bog roll!!
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    Useless Information!!! that an African swan? Strange but true (honest) It doesn't matter how hard you shake it, the last drop always ends up on your shoe. Hens are completely unaffected by the active compounds in chilies!! e^(i*pi)=-1 Finally a song, take it away daisy....
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    best Eb HORN solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Old rustic bridge? I thought it was the 'old rusty gate'...(open, shut, open shut...) :wink: :wink:
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    Pad Hogs

    I think the Librarian's after you Roy! Did you hand in your pad Tuesday? No, oh dear! Nice knowing you.... (Back on topic (BOT)) In our band you have to take your pad home, unless you wish to attract the wrath of the librarian, who doesn't want to carry the pads back an' forth, quite...
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    Audio Files for Internet

    Yeah! Of course, but I couldn't eat three!! Besides, PASTY VORBIS, doesn't quite have the technical ring to it, however it could be the procedure used to 'cram' as many oggies as possible into a lunch-box. Now that's what I call compression!! :wink:
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    Audio Files for Internet

    OGGy OGGy OGGy ...Vorbis
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    Help - Name that tune!!

    I played the midi to my dad and he reckons it's 'the tune cat died on' or possibly 'the piano's on me foot'
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    I don't have a problem with uniforms on or off the stage, with or without beer, whatever, dressed up as pixies ( New Year's Eve '88/'89, right blad ). The only part of the uniform I take issue with and that I personally find very restricting are underpants, err no I meant TIES, bow or straight...
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    Can anyone Help me

    Try to keep all head/cornet/embouchure movement to a minimum, as physical movement is generally slow and can restrict the speed at which you 'flex'. Some( a lot ) players press harder for the higher notes, again the 'pressing' movement is involved in the 'flex' and can reduce the flexing speed...
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    BAND CHARACTERS there a link here? Inebriated->Most Improved? I suggest we set-up a field trial to try an establish if there's any substance to such a conjecture. Some players are already well into the trial, but to take part new volunteers have to turn up to every rehearsal/gig two-parts oliver...
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    Crowd Pleasers

    RT's arrangement of ZULU goes down a storm in Selsey! Requested for both concerts after last years performance. They've been a bit strange down Selsey way ever since the Tornado!