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  1. Miss Presley

    Derek Acorah What a genius!!!!!!!

    Last night I went to the York Grand opera house with my sister. As a birthday gift I had bought two tickets to see Derek Acorah (Living Tv's most haunted psychic medium). We are both big fans and also true believers. Now I have to say the guy is superb. Although many are sceptical, until you...
  2. Miss Presley

    banged my head on a giant willy

    Just got back from Amsterdam early this morning and thought I would share a couple of my experiences with you! I went to the sex museum and sat down on a chair, to my horror, the chair i was sat on was shaped (and looked very much like) a giant willy. I quickly stood up to save myself from the...
  3. Miss Presley

    Poor Elvis NEVER gets air play!!!!

    Why is it, that the most talented male singer to ever grace this planet and help invent music into what it is today NEVER gets an radio air play? :mad: (for those who aren't aware) they are at the moment in the process of releasing ALL 18 of Elvis' UK number 1's, (we're up to 12 this week)...
  4. Miss Presley

    Mouthpiece Suggestions

    I have recently (since the areas) moved from principal cornet to flugel horn. Now the mouthpiece I have for my cornet I have been told they don't make anymore its a size 4 1/2 I ideally would like a flugel mouthpiece of similar if not exactly the same size! Any suggestion offerings...
  5. Miss Presley

    Playing two notes at once!

    Has anyone ever heard of an instrument playing two notes (the octave of each other) at the very same time? I have moved my tuning slide out a considerable amount to tune for the area test piece and since doing this, my cornet has started doing this annoying yet very amazing trick Any ideas...
  6. Miss Presley

    16th August 1977

    Hey there y'all Hope you are all wearing Black today like myself! Today is the day Elvis left us and went to his home in heaven 27 years ago! I will be in moarning for the duration of the day and holding my own vigil this evening! Baritone Elvis, hope you share my upset! xxx
  7. Miss Presley

    Loss of a Top Bandsman!!!!!!!

    This weekend, we lost one of our Players, and a great team member (very important) He decided to leave us to play for another band and I for one am really gutted! Although he left on really good terms, it still makes you feel like s**t! How does one overcome this? :(
  8. Miss Presley


    Just a quick well done to 2nd man down for bleeding, sweating, smoking and burning his way to the winning position of BOC Brother! It's party time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Party Popper Sounds* Well done mate xxx
  9. Miss Presley

    2md WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

    Was anyone else hurt and upset that 2md was up for eviction this week! He is a rolemodel to all TMP'ers out there! Please, please, please don't vote him out again! T-shirts and flyers being printed as we speak :wink: