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    Instrument Travel Insurance

    My son is going on a tour to Salzburg with his school, and he is taking a band instrument with him. We need to source insurance for the instrument, does anybody have any recommendations?
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    Baritone Solo for Grade 3/4

    Hi there, I am interested in finding a Baritone Solo for my Youth Band. The player is probably grade 4, maybe at a push grade 5. I would like to know what good solos there are out there? Any suggestions?
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    Cornet Solos (grade 3/4) with band

    Hi all, I am looking to feature one of our younger cornet players who has recently had a good result at a solo contest. Can you suggest a cornet solo for grade 3 or 4 level which can be accompanied by a full band? Thanks
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    Driffield Silver Band - Principal Cornet

    Principal Cornet Required! After sitting in the hotseat since October 2012, Richard Gregg has decided to relinquish his position as principal cornet of DSB. Two and a half years of dedication and hard work have brought out a cracking player, but with job and family commitments building, he...
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    Programme items for lower section bands.

    This time of year I tend to completely overhaul the music pads so me, the band and the audiences don't get bored by the same old stuff being trotted out year after year. I am always looking for new ideas for pieces to play, but with limited financial resources I cannot just buy everything and...
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    Driffield Silver Band - Sop, Corn, Horn, Percussion

    Hi all, We are a non-contesting band in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and we are on the lookout to get some key positions filled. We still have in excess of 30 players, so we are certainly not lacking in numbers, however we require the right player for the right chair! Are you a Soprano...
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    Soprano Cornet & Percussion Required

    Driffield Silver Band - East Yorkshire based, non-contesting band - require the services of a Soprano cornet player imminently. Our long-term incumbent plans to relocate because of his work. We have a sensible concert diary - usually only 2 concerts per calendar month - and rehearse just once...
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    Score for Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    Does anyone know where I could source a score for Santa Claus is Coming to Town, arr. Mark Freeh?
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    Sold/Expired John Packer JP371 Cornet Kit for Sale

    A friend of mine has a John Packer JP371 Cornet he wants to sell on. He has had it nearly 3 years, but has been playing trombone for the last year. The John Packer website have them listed at £826.80 for a brand new one, he is looking for just £150. Anybody interested?
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    Percussion, Cornet & BBb Bass Required - East Yorkshire

    We need a percussion section! For the past 7 years we have had to pull in a huge amount of favours to try to cover this vacancy. I have even got my 9 yr old son learning kit to fill the void, but until he gets a bit better, we need a full percussion section to help out the 36 brass players we...
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    Contact details for Wayne Robinson?

    I have been trying to contact Wayne Robinson (bass player) recently but the number I have for him does not work any more. Anybody got a number for him they could PM to me?
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    Instrument Issues.

    One of my players has a Yamaha Baritone, which - after about 15-20 minutes playing - the valves slow right down. They are fine up to that point, then they just slow to the point that they stop rising to the top! We have had the instrument overhauled and cleaned, but to no avail. What can be the...
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    Kit Player Required - Sat 13th July 4pm nr York

    Driffield Band are playing for a wedding this Saturday, and unfortunately our drummer has had to pull out. We need a replacement. Can you help us out? reasonable travel expenses will be covered.
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    Tenor Trombone player, 13th July - Near York

    Driffield Silver Band require a Tenor Trombone player for a job at Escrick (near York). We are playing from 4pm to 6pm. PM me for more details.
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    Driffield Silver Band have a new website!

    We have just launched a new look website, and we would like people to take a look at it and pass comment!
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    Cornet player seeks non-contesting band - South Sheffield

    A friend of mine has recently moved to the South end of Sheffield, and is currently looking for a non-contesting band to play with. He is currently without a cornet - though he does have a trumpet - so would need to borrow one. He was grade 8 at school and has been playing regularly over the...
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    2nd Trombone & 2 back row cornets required for Sunday 1st July

    Driffield Silver Band have a job on Sunday 1st July and we still require a 2nd trombonist and a couple of back row cornets too, 1 second & 1 third. We are playing in a village near Driffield in East Yorkshire Is there anyone around to fill those gaps? Please PM me for more details...
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    Sold/Expired Needed - Cornet cases.

    The East Riding Youth Brass Band bought some cornets a couple of years ago which came supplied with cases which closed with zips! Unfortunately (and no big surprise) most of the zips are broken and unreparable. Does anyone know where you can source 'proper' cases and not gig bags?
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    Sold/Expired Who can overhaul percussion equipment?

    We have a drum kit and a set of timps which need to be serviced / overhauled to bring them back up to scratch. Who can do this? Will they come to us? How much will it cost? Any ideas?
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    Solos & Quartets Contest

    I am looking for some advice. There are no 'proper' solos & quartet contests anywhere near us, and my band would like to organise one to try to maintain the interest in brass banding in our area. Does anyone with any experience of these contests have any advice for me? I'm looking for; venues...