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    Flowers Band pre-Butlins warm up concert

    Frolic for Troms - great piece.
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    Paddy's Yeovil Entertainments - 2012

    :) I thought it was a joke. Excellent report then.
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    Paddy's Yeovil Entertainments - 2012

    Are they any different to the one sent around on the band e-mail.
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    Flowers coming to Minehead next Sunday (29th)

    Florrie doing well and should be home tomorrow.
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    Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

    DW2FL you want.
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    Area Pieces 2012

    I think it might be a new peice penned by Philip Wilby.
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    Paddy's Welsh Area - 2011

    Four bands were demoted last year and that's is the reason there are only 7 bands in the Championship.
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    Paddy's Welsh Area - 2011

    Good luck to those competing at the Welsh Area. C'mon Cory.
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    Paddy's Welsh Area - 2011

    The sorry state of Welsh Banding - 40 bands. The top of the banding scene may be doing very well however it all depends on grass roots to provide the stars of the future. All bands have been chasing the same players for the last 10 years.
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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2011

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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2011

    My first time at the West of England Championships too. It will be strange not knowing most of the people there. I can honestly say I will only know about 30 people.
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    Butlins 2011

    I saw them live in Toronto in 2007 on the opening week with the original members of the Blue Man Group.
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    Butlins 2011

    That is so funny, Basil Brush for future live comments on behalf of 4BR.
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    Butlins 2011

    Don't forget about Tred! He loves them too. I try not to read 4BR anymore however you just can't help yourself sometimes come contest day. You just know that it's not going to be good reading. His continuous blatant attacks on fellow musicians is in no way funny or acceptable and usually...
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    4 Bars Rest interview.

    Mr Buckley was indeed a very good talented cornet player (been told) I think he played top man Tredegar I believe he has never given a solo prize to a principal cornet ever (Source: Iwan Fox). I played 'Between the Moon and Mexico' (a very difficult cornet solo) a number of years ago and the...
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    4 Barsrest!!!!

    Down again?????
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    word association