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    Norwegian Brass Band Championship 2007

    Well its very cold here in norway at the minute. With it snowing and all and its only 5 days till it all starts. Can't wait for the new experience
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    Spring Festival 2007-Test Pieces

    yeah a piece with a proper range on BBb pedal G to top C shame im not playing it
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    Missing Bass Players?

    there are a lot of young tuba players out there who dont know about brass banding and even more that aren't being given a chance by bands as they arent "experienced" enough.
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    Suggestion for instrument manufacturers

    Bass Player who practices everyday he must learn the true path of the tuba player. And yes you may be in "tune" all the time honest!!!
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    Suggestion for instrument manufacturers

    but the same time that would require a player to play the same each day and make the tuneing always the same, shame its not really like that in the real world
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    Music you enjoyed in your youth band days

    Ive played an arrangement of Barbie Girl by Aqua with a youth band once, was very memerable, a terrible piece but memerable
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    The Perfect Fool (1st section finals) - Corrections?

    I am enjoying putting the majority of the dynamics for Perfect Fool onto the BBb Bass part as it has very little dynamic contast compared to the Eb bass part but at least I wont have to write on my part as i wont be able to through the erratas i need to put in, i also found a nice part in the...
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    Highland Cathedral - bagpipes & brass band

    be prepared to dent all the bands instruments to get the tuning right bagpipes are sooo sharp
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    Grade 5 theory??

    i did nothing and passed with 72 so its nothing just remember scales for grade 8 if i'd done then id have had a distinction
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    National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain

    Who are you calling a kiddie Di?? And yes was a great course although one or two people need to be less bouncy
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    high range!

    sooooper sop you find a can of stella good before high notes if i remember rightly but any way higgh notes what are they except pn BBb hard to get in tune on an instrument built for pedaling that composers now dont like
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    4BR rankings

    the rankings seem more and more pointless outside the top 10 (the ones that don't really move) as bands get lucky at one minor contest and go up 30 odd places
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    Is a loud sop a good sop?

    i'n responce to one of stevs earlier comments a subtle sop i birillants but the same player needs to be able to stand out to and very few players can doo that and i agree watch out for Gary Fountain
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    Best Soprano Player - Poll

    no Gary Fountain gets it all the way
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    Promoted to 1st section

    with 3 bands promoted to championship next year too.
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    Which Brass instrument is hardest work?

    well on the last nybb course 4 out of the 4 BBb bass players could get an octave out of a sop and only one sop player out of 4 could do the same good old lofty
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    nybbgb auditions 12th nov 2005

    That means ive done my last NYBB thing "again" well all those on the easter course have a great time
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    Purcell Variants

    its technically too easy for thge first section i got it all note perfect on the first run through except the rhythm in the last movement but after a night on in the band went too easy and pulled out as all the bands will technically play it the interpretation will be the winner and thats too...
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    word association