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    YBS mouthpieces

    During their recent tour of Australia, i was lucky enough to hear YBS in concert... I believe stuart lingard and a few of the other solo cornet players were playing clear plastic-y mouthpieces... Can anybody tell me anything about these..does anyone have any info on their brand etc? Cheers
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    Problems - please help me

    Hi all...sorry if this is posted in the wrong place..could someone please help me with a few problems ive been having..and info at all would be great... 1) my bach strad trumpet has been playing fine, until now...on two notes (specifically 1st line E and second space A), they seem not to be...
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    Questions about Maestros

    Hi all... I'm studying music at university next year, and as such i need to get myself a better cornet, preferably new... i have been looking at the following options besson sovereign yamaha maestro courtois chambord II what does everyone recommend in their experience...being from...
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    Am i going crazy or...

    I don't know if im going crazy, but i cant seem to find any place mentioning who won the soloist prize at the 2005 europeans..does anyone know who it was? cheers :)
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    Odd cornet trick question

    Ok this may be very poorly explained, but my question is, is there anyone out there who can give me pointers on how to do the following trick... you know how alot of jazz trumpeters do a trick where they use their lips to sorta gliss up through their range, but its all very smooth (almost...
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    Does anyone out there know where i might be able to find a recording of Elgar Howarth's 'Firework's? Any help here would be great :)