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    Boosey & Co Vintage Trumpet

    Hold your horses valves if they are good quality do not corrode. And Boosey made great valves. Valves accrete residue that is hard and almost impossible to remove without causing catastrophic damage like sandpapering the valve. Fortunately I have solved most issues and it involves a home chem...
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    Boosey & Co Vintage Trumpet

    Apologies for the lateness of my reply This is the Boosey Class "A" Silbron Cornet pitched in Bb and A It appears in the horn-u-copia website under reference ID 10357 Be aware that ancient makers mouthpieces can have odd sizes and odd tapers. Standardisation between makers was I think a...
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    Buzz or No Buzz

    Curiosity far from killing the cat makes us aspire to great things and has led us to where we are today so I love curiosity. A wise man said once "there are no bad questions there are however bad answers" Thats also a good point about the many approaches to crack the nut that different...
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    Buzz or No Buzz

    It is my understanding that the playing with zero pressure on an instrument suspended by strings was solely a demonstration of the possibility of doing so with a well developed embouchure and was never intended as a serious practice tool. The originator of this technique is said to have...
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    The state of loud music today

    I attended a music venue last night and I was rendered partially deaf after less than a minute. My ears are still ringing now. Less than one minute exposure damaged my hearing. The volumes were far in excess of any emergency sirens, jackhammers, fireworks, or anything else I have experienced...
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    Dem bones, dem bones, dem BRASS bones!

    Now it is my turn to learn Jack, Thank you for those well studied remarks and valuable information. They say you learn something new every day well I just did thanks to you and I am pleased as punch. kind regards Brian
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    Dem bones, dem bones, dem BRASS bones!

    Ok this will be lengthy due to its complexity, I am not an acoustical engineer I was an engineer a lifetime ago, and I have worked in automotive. As a result I have gathered information from many sources over the years that may help understand what might be going on. First of all the number...
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    One Mouthpiece, K.I.A.

    This appears to be a Denis Wick 4AM However The shape of the mouthpiece appears subtly incorrect for a Wick The Words stamped on both my Wick mouthpieces appear as DENIS WICK . LONDON With a dot stamped between the words WICK and LONDON I have seen Wick mouthpieces on sale on ebay with the...
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    Practise Tips

    You are totally correct 2nd tenor YouTube listening is extremely important for the reasons you have stated in your OP As for my tips there are many many tips that I could give and some might even be useful, but I will pass on one single piece of advice that I believe transcends all others...
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    A long awaited return to banding

    I believe I have a view on this. I have played throughout the lockdowns giving performances every day to all who are in earshot and I can tell you that many youngsters are not only willing to learn brass but easily develop a deep love of brass instruments and I have personally experienced many...
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    Improving sight reading

    I am going to jump to the defence of John Morton. I did not consider his post either condescending or rude just speaking frankly about musicianship. Being a good musician and having good musicianship are I suspect two very different things. We are a large family we musicians and I respect...