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    Whos all going to Easter NYBBS then?

    Just wondering what tMPers are going to the easter course in Glasgow?
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    Scottish Band five-a-sides tourney

    Just had this thought of the possibility of a five-a-side football tournament for scottish bands sumtime. Just to see what kind of feedback you would give. It would be open to bands from all four sections aswell as a womens tournament. Just get your band to pick 5 players and enter. What...
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    NYBBS 2003 and looking forward to 2004

    Awrite troops just too see if theres any other nybbs folk on here apart fae the ones i know like lucy gayness and katrina. Gie us a shout if you're oot there!
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    2nd at the open? 'Mon the Scots!

    Just to say that Scottish bands are back with a vengence baby. Whitburn coming 2nd at the british open and fine a fine showing from kirkie and the co at the nationals at the weekend. Come on the scots!!!!!!! Some more bigger band bashing at the open will be provided :hammer Then we'll...