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    Do many brass bands go out on Christmas day and play in local villages at all?

    Since 1901 Bradwell Silver Band (Milton Keynes) has played on every Christmas morning. Starting at 6am the band performs over a large area of New Bradwell and Bradville finishing at 9am. The tradition is that the Children of the area are not allowed to open their presents until they have heard...
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    Sing - jubilee anthem by gary barlow

    Does anyone know if a Brass Band arrangement is available for "SING" . This was the anthem Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote for the Queen,s Golden Jubilee.
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    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Bradwell Silver came 4th in the 4th section playing Saint-Saens Variations. Does anyone know when the Adjudicators score will be returned to the bands. They were not available yesterday when collecting comments.
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    Own choice test piece contests

    Does anyone know of dates and venues for Own Choice Test Piece Contests to be held in 2012.
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    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2012

    Many Thanks. so proud of Bradwell Silver Band our 3rd top six finish in 3 years means promotion to the 3rd section. We send our congratulations to all the 4th section qualifiers.
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    Christmas Morning / "Silent Christmas"

    Christmas Morning Since 1901 the Bradwell Silver Band(Milton Keynes) has also played on Christmas morning. We start at 6am with "Christians Awake" and finish at about 9.30. Tradition is that the children of Bradwell are not allowed to open presents until they have heard the band. This is a...
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    Paddy's Albert Hall - 2011

    Just arrived home after great day at Albert Hall. Fully agree with David Read when he said well done to all 20 bands. Everyone gave their best on a superb piece(thanks PLC). Brighouse so well deserved winners, Dave King extracted every piece of music and emotion out of his players. I thought...
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    Dobcross whit friday

    Many Thanks
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    Dobcross whit friday

    I have visited many Whit Friday venues but not Dobcross. Could anyone please tell me where you would park for this venue and whether you are able to leave before the last band has played. We aim to travel up and back to Milton Keynes on the day so don,t want to get stuck in the village.
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    Bradwell silver band & milton keynes youth band

    Bradwell Silver Band are celebrating their 110th birthday by holding a concert with the youngest band in Milton Keynes, the Milton Keynes Youth Band. The concert is on Saturday May 21st at Stantonbury Theatre Milton Keynes starting at 7.30pm. Tickets priced £5 can be purchased from Robin...
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    sop part carrickfergus

    Which arrangement? The Cornet or Euphonium solo.
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    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2011

    Well done to everyone at Bradwell for gaining 3rd prize in the 4th Section. With lots of young players and 7 playing at their first regional contest an excellent result. Also many congratulations to Milton Keynes Development band on their 5th place. An excellent day for Milton Keynes lower...
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    North West - A day out in Blackpool for everyone

    I,m travelling from Milton Keynes to listen. Firstly to support our son who plays for Pemberton Old, but also as an MD taking a band in the 4th section L & SC I hope to pick up some idea,s from the Northwest 4th section bands.
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    Day Passes at butlins

    Day passes I can confirm you can not get day passes at Butlins on the Sunday. I made the mistake of travelling from Milton Keynes 3 years ago only to be refused entry.
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    Bands in Huddersfield Area

    Try the Yorkshire Co-op band, many students from Huddersfield University all ready play for them.
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    Bradwell Silver Band - Milton Keynes

    Players Required After an excellent 5th place at the Area contest Bradwell Silver Band is looking to fill its Eb Bass and Baritone vacancies. We undertake a wide variety of engagements in the local area. For details contact Band Secretary Robin Allen 01908 616463.
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2010

    4TH Section Results Any results yet, listened to first 13 bands thought some really good playing especially Dronfield CMW and Fairfield.
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    Hymn tune arrangements

    Does anyone know if the following Hymns have been arranged for band. All For Jesus To God be The Glory. All help is appreciated
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    Bradwell Silver Band - Milton Keynes

    Principal cornet required Bradwell Silver Band based in Milton Keynes requires a Principal Cornet. This is an excellent oppurtunity for a young player looking to make the next step in their playing career, alternatively for an experienced player who still has much to offer at a lower standard...
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    Guidelines for the 'Recruitment Corner' - please read before posting!

    Could a Mod make the adjustment as requested Thanks Brian Keech