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    I'e been a player for about 66 years, I know there will be some out there that can beat that, But I think my time approaching when I may call it a day. So I think I would like to try my hand at doing some small arrangements. I think that this will not only keep my mind active but also keep my...
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    Thanks for your comments and advice. I have looked at the V Bach catalogue ( on line) and thought I would like to look at the 7E or 7EW but wondered if there is a comparison to them in the GEWA line or similar? because of cost. That was until I read your comments Gordon about cup design and...
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    Hi, I have been asked to play Sop. by our band, which in it's self is going to be a bit traumatic; don't you have to be a little different! to play it?. First efforts seem ok but range is giving me the worst trouble. The instrument loaned me by a friend didn't have a mouthpiece so am using my...
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    Sop solo wanted

    Thanks for that Chris.
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    Sop solo wanted

    Hi, I have heard the Sop. solo " Bring them Home" and wondered if anyone can let me have a solo copy. I am new to the instrument and see it as a good piece to improve my controlled playing and is within my present range. I would also gain confidence in learning a piece that I may one day be able...
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    Sop Solos

    Hi, I was a trombone player many years ago but haven't played at all for 25+ Years. My local band are trying to get going again but need players. They don't need any in the tenor section where I might have fitted in so I thought I might jump in with both feet. They asked if I would mind playing...
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    Really need help, clunky valves.

    Hi, Perhaps not the best advise you've had, but once when I was really desperate for new pads I went into a craft shop, bought a small piece of felt they sell and made my own for about 50p!! I got the idea from when I was out in the Middle East as a Military Musician and needed pads, no craft...
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    Hi, if none registered viewers can post here, why have I been asked to 'Log In' when I was already logged in:confused: to enter a thread even here!! I did read in one of the Thread Areas someone mention that this site is not easy to follow. How true! I want to trace a piece of music or see if...