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    Audio Files for Internet

    I'm trying to get some audio files sorted for my website, what is the best format to get them into, bearing in mind I have a slow connection and takes ages to upload big files? Please vote. Try the ones ive done on my website as .wma, they're class!! Ta, Nick
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Four Valve Getzen Eterna Flugel Horn

    FOR SALE: Four Valve Getzen Eterna Flugel Horn - very good condition *** £700 ono *** (doesn't include P+P) For details visit and look under 'for sale' Email me if you're interested. Cheers, Nick
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    Sold/Expired Whats the best flugel horn?

    Ok people, I'm looking to buy a flugel horn but want to know what is generally considered to be the favourite model, or favourite few at least. I've played on a Yamaha before and really liked it. Also anyone know what model number the copper belled Maestro is? So far I've only found laquered...
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    Sold/Expired 4 Valve Getzen Flugelhorn nearly for sale...

    I'm not selling it yet, but anybody any idea on roughly how much I should expect? Its about 10 years old and in near perfect condition - hardly been played. It just doesn't really suit me though which is reason for sale. Comes with box with extra room for a trumpet. Quite neat!! Also, anybody...