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  1. Ross Berry

    Romford SA Band @ Williamstown, South Wales 12th May 2007

    Romford SA band will be presenting a 'big band' night at Williamstown Salvation Army, Penygraig, South Wales at 7pm on May 12th. The programme will feature big band style music from composers including Glenn Miller, Jerome Kern, Manning Sherwin, Len Ballantine and William Himes.
  2. Ross Berry

    Wonder Brass and Bancroft's singers

    In concert 23rd April 2005, 7.30pm at St Mary's Church, Woodford High Road. Admission free with a collection towards the Redbridge Night Shelter. Concert to include: Gloria - John Rutter Cortege from Mlada - Rimsky-Korsakov Sonata Pian e Forte - Gabrieli Wonder Brass are an...
  3. Ross Berry

    Sold/Expired Personalised plates - Euphonium players

    My Euphonium partner in the band is selling his car and personalised plates. The plates are H1 3UPH. If anyone is interested in the plates, I am happy to pass on your details.
  4. Ross Berry

    Best SA piece

    It's been a few years now since the SA released its music to non-SA groups (although some pieces such as 'Praise' appeared to crop up on the black market before then). As someone who has grown up with SA music, it would be interesting to know what pieces other groups were most pleased that...
  5. Ross Berry

    Keith Hutchinson

    A few people have referred to Keith under the thread about the best cornet sound. It got me thinking. What happened to him after he left Enfield? Did he stop playing altogether or is he still in a non-SA band somewhere? If the former, it is another example of someone who reached a high...
  6. Ross Berry

    Black Dyke concert in Hornchurch

    I saw the band in concert yesterday. A good programme that was light enough for the blue rinse brigade but had enough substance for the bando's. Few deps and all of the big names featured. At first I thought that it was a long journey for a 2 hour programme although subsequently...
  7. Ross Berry

    Brass Herald

    Has anyone read the new magazine called brass herald (3 issues old I think)? I had a read of a complimentary copy, I think they must be doing a large marketing campaign. I find it very interesting and well produced. I wonder if there is a market for this though. It tries to mix...