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    Denis Wick Cornet Mouthpieces - 2B vs 4B

    My son plays 1st cornet in a 4th section band. His band cornet came with a 2B mouthpiece but I was wondering if he might be better suited with something like a 4B. He finds a G 1.5 octaves above middle C is about as high as he can comfortably go, and I wondered if a 4B might make it a bit...
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    From The Bandroom, Tuesday February 25th, Oldham Test Piece Runout Concert

    Great to hear the test pieces and some of the commentary.
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    Petition re. Bands and Child Performance Licences

    I had a chat to one of band board members last week who was also concerned about the new rules. For our areas contest it seems like they (organisers?) are applying for a body of persons license to cover all the children involved who have performed less than 4 days in the last 6 months. However...
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    Recommended books for tenor horn

    When I started last year we used a book called Look Listen and Learn. It's a 3 volume series i think it can be used for any Bb instrument. It's a nice book progressively teaching more tricky stuff but has a really nice accompaniment CD that makes you feel like you're very good from the first...
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    Hello... Looking for advice on music to try next

    Thanks all, that's really helpful. I hope to get some lessons next year although cost is a bit of an issue. Up to now I was having lessons with an experienced player at the band. These books look like they are a way to help me structure my practise sessions, when I was doing piano I placed a...
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    Hello... Looking for advice on music to try next

    Thanks, had a look tonight and it looks like a great book to work through. I only read treble clef, am I right in thinking the versions for trumpet (such as this one on Amazon UK) are still suitable for euphonium?
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    Hello... Looking for advice on music to try next

    Hi everyone I've been playing Euphonium for about a year now and am playing in our local 3rd band. enjoying reading the forum's and getting inspired I've just finished the first book in the Look Listen and Learn series and wondering if anyone has any advice on good books to try next in...