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    Football Manager 2005 Question??

    Good Signings: Beli Dagano from Caen David Fox - Man Utd Reserves Aaron Lennon from Leeds Joe Keenan - Chelsea Reserves Adriano if you've got the money Dont pick any of Deave's select, you'll end up with average FC (or 'Boro)
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    Who's coming to do music at huddersfield uni this year?

    Hmmmm...nah I'll still come up...want to see Crat fail at been president!!!
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    Who's coming to do music at huddersfield uni this year?

    My lovely words and my lovely face eh :wink: awww! I'll be around to harrass you don't worry!!
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    Who's coming to do music at huddersfield uni this year?

    awww...poor helen! You might be there for longer if you fail everything :lol:
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    Olympics. How much are we watching?

    by the way! is that pic peat in drag??!?? :?
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    Olympics. How much are we watching?

    Nope, no broadband yet! :( Will be adding you and beating ya on the old Rainbow 6 in no time!!! havent seen the javelin yet! Will be watching and noting technique! :wink:
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    Olympics. How much are we watching?'ll be happy now that the women's Shot put is on! Your kind of birds! :lol:
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    New cornet - advice?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    New cornet - advice?

    didnt know you had a new girlfriend......oh you mean a real fridge
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    New cornet - advice?

    I know-it's amazing! knowledge is the bomb!!!!
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    New cornet - advice?

    Prestige cornets along with sovereign and maestro cornet are seen as the best. However, it is personal opinion on much of these instruments, best way of finding out is going to local dealer and trying these cornets out.
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    Could Someone tell me what a BOC is?

    jo loves me...the boc!
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    Could Someone tell me what a BOC is?

    silly silly people!
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    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    Richard Shaw for me....oh thought it said most rancid sound!!! :lol:
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    Sold/Expired BAM Classic Trombone Case

    FOR SALE: BAM Classic Trombone Case Shaped reinforced hard case, Polyamid waterproof cover, Shoulder strap with pad, Large pocket, Black exterior. 6months old- as new! Retails at £125 - £80 o.n.o. email - if interested
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    Sold/Expired Edwards Tenor Trombone Lead Pipes

    I have two Edwards tenor trombone lead pipes for sale, a T1 and T2, these retail new at £45 each. Anyone interested please email me at - sensible offers only
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    Sold/Expired WANTED: Tenor Trom Gig-Bag. Also Tenor Trom!

    Mark, my BAM case is for sale at a reasonable price cuz got my rath last week! will be back huds at weekend if ya want it!!!
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    Whit Friday. Hangover or no hangover?

    I most certainly have the biggest hangover ever! Was worth it though :)
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    Broken Tv Channels

    Yeah same happened to me in huddersfield...half way through the boxing as well! Luckily through magic of cable managed to watch bbc scotland for the rest of the match :)
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    deave confuses everyone!!! :lol: