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    Summertime, which arrangement is on Legend (Pete Roberts)?

    Hi Guys I'm hoping somebody can answer this one with ease. I'm looking for a new solo to play with my band and thought I would get summertime, a la Pete Roberts off his fantastic CD Legend. But struggling to find it on the web etc. I can find a horn arrangement but can't find the sop one...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted Bb Bass hard case for Besson Sovereign

    We are looking to buy a hard case for a Besson Sovereign Bb Bass. Please contact me if you have any ideas. Many thanks in advance James Pearson Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band
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    Bind us together in a quintet styley!

    I am looking for a arrangement of Bind Us Together Lord, and Love Divine for a orchestral brass quintet. If it comes to it, I can manage with the hymn books arrangement of Love divine unless another can be found. But Bind us Together is a litle trickier! Any ideas? Thanks in advance. James
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    Band room acoustic alterations!

    Hello all, I am just writing to anybody who has any knowledge of changing acoustics in a band room. We are not very happy with the acoustics in our band room for the following reasons. 1) It is difficult to hear yourself play. 2) It is difficult to hear other players and sections. 3) It...
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    Sold/Expired Calling all third section bands - Tam O Shanters Ride.

    Does any third section band (or other!) want to sell their copies and score of Tam o Shanters ride? We would pay competitive 2nd hand rates for this piece! Many thanks James Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band
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    Ebbw Vale

    Probably a bit late on now, and I should stop being impatient and wait til Saturday... but anybody know who's going to the Ebbw Vale contest in the 1st section? Jackfield (we!) are, if people do reply remember NOT to say what piece you're playing!!!! hope to see people there! James
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    Sold/Expired Any 3rd Section Bands want to sell set of Tam O' Shanter (after your area of course!)

    We are looking for a set of Tam O'Shanter which is this years 3rd section area test piece. After the area is there any bands thinking of selling it? Many thanks James
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    1st section own choice test pieces!!

    Looking for some information from other 1st section bands who have been in the prizes at an own choice contest. Us at Jackfield Band often do own choice contests but always struggle to choose pieces to play. So I figure if you guys can tell me what you have played at own choices in the past...
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    Errata sheet for Comedy Overture?

    Has anyone found problems in any of the parts? We're findingthat not all of the individual parts correspond with the score and with other parts around the band? Is anyone else having problems with this and is there a known errata sheet? Look forward to your responses. Regards James...
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    Unknown publishers!

    Can anyone recall who are the publishers of these pieces of music are? Appalachian Mo' Fo' Suite - Curnow Lightwalk - Barry Gott Dance before the Lord - Peter Graham I know the 2 latter peices are salvo pieces but not sure of the name of their publishing arm! Many thanks in...
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    Sold/Expired Vincent Bach TR300

    This Trumpet is great condition and blows like a dream. Very easy to play and ideal for the beginner/intermediate trumpet player. No problems with the intonation, even when played by me! Comes with Sturdy Bach Case (see details below). One small ding further down the bell and a few very small...
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    Contact for Stalybridge and Unity Brass

    Hi guys trying to get in touch with the secretarys of both Stalybridge and unity brass. Anyone out there that could help? preferably the secretarys number but any contact would be good! Thanks in advance James Pearson Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band
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    Calling students going to Brum/Wolves/Harper Adams etc

    Successful 1st section band in Shropshire are looking for new players to join the band. We are a short trip from Junction 10 on the M6 and always looking to make new friends. Expenses always considered. If you are interested please PM me and I'll tell you more! James
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    Denis Wick Soprano Cornet Cup Mute

    Just thought I would tell everyone (that is interested in the sop!!) that I have recently bought Denis Wick Soprano Cornet Cup Mute and to date I am very pleased with it. Tuning is good as is sound. After using normal cornet cup mute for so long this is a god send!! I believe it has only come...
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    Sold/Expired Bach Strad Flugal For Sale

    Jackfield Elcock Reisen have a Bach Strad Flugal (in laquer) for sale. It is approximately 10 years and is in excellent condition for it's age. As you can imagine there is a little wear on the laquer but apart from that it is fine. Blows well, (dependent on who is holding it!) valves and trigger...
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    Is my avatar too camp?!

    Dear Aunty tmp Finally worked out how to get an avatar and on second thoughts I am worried it might be a little camp looking? Peoples thoughts?!! Nothing too cutting though!? I am a happily married man (or will be one day!) Signed Confused
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    Ideas for Oboe and Violin solos accompanied by brass band?

    Has anybody got any ideas about possible solos for either Oboe and Violin that could be accompanied by Brass Band. A few are obvious, this is what I have come up with so far! Oboe Gabriels Oboe (Morricone) Violin Riverdance Gaelforce There is also something out of Cry of the Celts I...
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    Phillip Harper arrangements...

    Is there anyone out there who knows where I can get hold of Phillip Harper arrangements? We have one or two at band already but was very interested in his "The Muppet Show" that I heard on Listen to the Band! If you haven't heard it listen to the past shows on the BBC website, it's fantastic! Jimmy
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    Sold/Expired Bach Strad flugal for sale...

    I have a second hand Bach Flugel in laquer for sale. As there are so few about it is difficult to guage an asking price. It is about ten years old and as is to be expected of a well used instrument of this age there are now a few tarnished areas of laquer. It still still blows wonderfully and...