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    Looking for "old" Wick 4AL mouthpiece

    Hi All, I'm still looking for a "old" wick 4AL. Could anyone help me out? Thanks!
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    Looking for "old" Wick 4AL mouthpiece

    The new one says DENIS WICK(low period)LONDON while the older says DENIS WICK(middle period)LONDON (notice the period in a different location). The "4AL" is a smaller character size on the older mouthpiece.
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    Looking for "old" Wick 4AL mouthpiece

    Hi All, I’m looking for a Wick 4AL, but the older model without the changes made the last couple of years. I’m looking for the 4AL as it was when supplied with the Round stamp euphs. Could someome help me out? Or does someone know where I could find one? Thanks,
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    B&H Round stamp 967 Euphonium for sale

    Hi All, I have a B&H round stamp euphonium for sale. Refurbished (silver plated) and equipped with a main tuningslide trigger. The euph also has custom heavy bottom caps. Please send me a message if intrested..... Pictures and pricing available on request. email:
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    Euphonium David Childs & Steve Mead Mouthpieces

    The Alliance DC mouthpieces do run a size bigger than the Wick equivalents. So Alliance 2 = Wick 3, Alliance 3 = Wick 4 and so on. If you feel that the SM3 is a bit too big and a SM4 feels to small then the DC2 is worth the try…. In fact in my opinion the DC2 compares the best to the SM3.5...
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    need a new euph and geneva symphony euphonium opinions

    Hi Smalley, I'm selling Geneva in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. But started as a customer. That's why I said: dont let me convince you.... Just try it! I think that every player sould try every brand that is available before buying anything. Dont just buy anything because of the...
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    need a new euph and geneva symphony euphonium opinions

    Hi Ed, I play a Geneva Symphony euphonium and can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever played. I has a great sound and better intonation than any of its competitors. You get real value for your money with the Geneva. But don't let me convince you....try it! Contact Timothy Oldroyd or...
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: Bb Cornet Besson Prestige

    For a friend of mine I'm selling his Besson Prestige Cornet. It's 1,5 years old and looks like new. He's looking for 1300 GBP. Please send me a email if your intrested.
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    Geneva Euphonium

    I’ve had the same experience a while ago and ordered a symphony euphonium on the spot. What kind of options did that euphonium you tried have? Heavy caps, leadpipe soldered of/on bell? Kindest regards, Tim Messerschmidt
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    Sold/Expired Concert Music For Sale

    How much for the whole lot? exept Hawaii 5-0 & Gabriels Oboe? Kind regards, Tim Messerschmidt