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    Red Lip Marks

    After practicing, I notice that I get a red mark above my lip. I'm assuming this is caused by putting too much pressure in they mouthpiece. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lower pressure?
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    Choosing Solo Music

    Students within my state are all invited to a band contest thingy. Not sure the correct terminology, but oh well. You can sign up as a solo, duet, tio, etc., or both. I signed up as a soloist and a trioist (Are those even word :shock: ). I was talking with my director about solo music choices...
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    Free Sheet Music For Bb Trumpet

    Hello all :D I am looking for some free online sheet music for just practicing, as I want to improve my skills so that I can challenge the people seated infront of me (There's only one) and so that I'm better and won't make any mistakes (One or two an hour would be acceptable :D) I'm a...
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    Bathing your trumpet

    My Band teacher gave me a piece of paper. It was an article about giving a trumpet a bath. I decided that it had been a while since I gave it a good cleaning, so I might as well try it. I noticed in bold face letters that is said Do not get the felts in your valves wet, or something to that...