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    Weston-Super-Mare Contest Entrants?

    Calling all Brass Band lovers. Does anyone have a list of the bands entering the open and second sections at Weston next weekend?
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    Web Filters - I Don't Believe It!!!!

    I've just posted for the first time since moving to my new home in Wellesbourne in Warwickshire, and on the left-hand side of that post (and this one, no doubt!) you can't see where I'm located cos five of the letters have been replaced by stars as those letters, taken by themselves, might be...
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    Bands in Oxfordshire / Warwickshire

    Just found out I'm moving house in the summer - from Plymouth to south Warwickshire (near Banbury). Anybody know what bands are in that area or how I can find out? This is obviously far more important than looking for a house or a school for the children! A cornet and baritone from a 2nd...