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  1. Brassbandhog

    Brass Band Hog Blog

    I had a lovely time this weekend listening to a band on a bandstand. So lovely, I decided to blog about it Check it out here
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    Brass Band Hog Blog

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be easier to create one thread and post all my links in here from now on, to avoid clutter :) After a largely work-enforced hiatus I've managed to get back on my blog again, this time revisiting an idea I had 3 years ago reviewing old CD's. This time it's 'The...
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    Brass Banding's unsung heroes

    Hi all, The enforced lockdown has given me the opportunity to get pen to paper on a feature I've been wanting to do for some time but haven't had the time: interview some of the 'unsung heroes' of the brass band world, and share some of their stories. First up is Mike Warriner, 2nd baritone...
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    A lockdown blog

    Hi all, haven't blogged for a while after finding out I'm being relocated and then being busy doing nothing during lockdown! A small offering from me on social media and banding in lockdown. Hope you enjoy and as always please comment, like and share. Hope everyone is keeping well in this...
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    Instruments, are we Owners or Custodians?

    A thought provoking thread. I have several instruments at home, much to the frustration of my partner, and all hold sentimental value - the first learner instrument my parents bought me, the first instrument I bought for myself and and two older instruments I inherited from other players...
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    I used musescore for many years and find it, on the whole, a very reliable and useful piece of software.
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    National Finals 2019

    ‪Hi everyone, it's a little later than I'd hoped thanks to some upload issues, but my review of the National Finals is now live! Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to provide feedback on my previous posts, it is very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! BBH...
  8. Brassbandhog

    National Finals 2019

    Surprised there isn't already a thread about this (apologies mods if there is and I just couldn't find it!). What an excellent day it's been at the RAH. For me there was one clear winner and everyone else was too close to call. I asked the seven people around me what they thought and aside from...
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    British Open 2019

    Hi all, Thanks to everyone who read and gave feedback on my review of the British Open :) I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a review of the TV series ‘Battle of the Brass Bands’. In it I look at the underlying theme of the series as well as a few lighter moments that I particularly...
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    British Open 2019

    Good evening all, My first post on my brass band blog has landed and can be found here: Review: The British Open 2019 (What does the Fox say?) Please feel free to comment on the bottom and don't forget to follow me on twitter :) Cheers, BBH
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    An introduction

    Hi all, I've starting a new blog all about brass bands which can be found here: The Brass Band Hog. I will uploading the first post after the open and will repost the link on here then. I'm also on twitter @Brassbandhog and would appreciate follows, likes and retweets! Many thanks BBH