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    Dry Mouth Problem

    This happened to me during a solo, bad stuff :( An old Indian (Native American, for you politically correct ones) trick is to stick a pebble in your mouth. Why? Your brain thinks that it's food, and when you start to eat your have more saliva being produced. Of course, pebbles don't taste...
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    I'd rather stick hot needles in my eyes!

    Movie themes. In particular, George of the Jungle. In Jazz Band we went to elementary schools, played this, and they sang along. The worst part? They were out of tune. :(
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    Dedication!!! - What would you miss for banding???

    I have never missed any sort of band performance so far in my short life, but: Band > *
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    Kelly Mouthpieces.. Gimmick or not?

    <3 Now come the part of convincing my mom to buy it for me :shock:
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    Audition paper I had to take once (Large Image)

    <dreaming> I could play the woman's part in my sleep! </dreaming>
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    Free online metronome!! Wow!!

    That's awesome! It even has a tuning pitch.
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    Red Lip Marks

    Just took a look at them, very nice. From my first impression looks like it'll help. Thanks! :shock: Amazingly, that worked a little. Thanks.
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    Red Lip Marks

    After practicing, I notice that I get a red mark above my lip. I'm assuming this is caused by putting too much pressure in they mouthpiece. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lower pressure?
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    Bands or Orchestras-who has the most fun?

    I have to go with band. Our school orchestra is terrible. I played for about a month, but the people behind me kept hitting me with their instruments >.< In jazz band we have alot of inside jokes we talk about all the time, which is where half our practice time goes. GO BAND!
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    Information from other www sites

    If we get the information from our own websites, would you still like us to link to it? For example, I have an article on my website about some tips I've learned about trumpet care through personal experience. If someone asked for tips of trumpet care, and I just copied that, would you...
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    Choosing Solo Music

    Students within my state are all invited to a band contest thingy. Not sure the correct terminology, but oh well. You can sign up as a solo, duet, tio, etc., or both. I signed up as a soloist and a trioist (Are those even word :shock: ). I was talking with my director about solo music choices...
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    Free Sheet Music For Bb Trumpet

    About half an hour ago, yeah.
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    Free Sheet Music For Bb Trumpet

    The time zone difference makes it midnight here. I'm usually up to about then. Yes
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    Lacquer to Silver!!! (it is possible!)

    A couple layers of metallic paint will do the job ;)
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    Mouthpiece pressure, HELP!

    Lol. Same here. Something that causes more pressure on the mouthpiece is gripping harder with your hand.
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    Playing two notes at the same time....

    I would say just get a keyboard and play a note on that and on your instrument.
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    Free Sheet Music For Bb Trumpet

    Hello all :D I am looking for some free online sheet music for just practicing, as I want to improve my skills so that I can challenge the people seated infront of me (There's only one) and so that I'm better and won't make any mistakes (One or two an hour would be acceptable :D) I'm a...
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    Bathing instruments

    I just cleaned mine recently for the first time in ohh... three years (Since I got this particular trumpet) and I actually had very little "icky" stuff in there. I suppose I clean it whenever I feel motivated, so basically every three years.
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    Bathing your trumpet

    Probably. I know I won't do that again. When I press my second valve, I can hear the spring. Not good. I'm going over it right now.
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    Bathing your trumpet

    Thanks. The felts were originally black, and they still are. Everything seems fine and dandy. For now....