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    Yorkshire area

    Last year the Imps left the championship, but this year looks problematic too for a couple pf bands. Take a look at the rankings for the last 2 years amalgamated results: Brighouse & Rastrick 1+ 3= 4 Yorkshire Building Society 6+ 1= 7 Grimethorpe 5+ 5= 10 Sellers 3+ 4= 7 Black Dyke...
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    British Open test pieces announced - choice of 3 pieces!

    So each band has a choice of what to play from this short list: Contest Music by Wilfred Heaton, Montage by Peter Graham or St. Magnus by Kenneth Downie. Presumably YBS will play St Magnus as they rehearsed this for the Europeans - and won - but what do people think about this idea and what...
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    Does anyone have the contact details for the organising body of the annual Spennymoor Entertainment Contest usually held in November? Thanks
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    Grand Shield Results

    As the previous messages seem to have disappeared, here are the results again courtesy of 4BR: Grand Shield Adjudicators: Dr Roy Newsome and James Scott Test piece: Les Preludes, Liszt/Gay Results: 1. Sellers International, Philip McCann, 19 2. Rothwell Temperance, David...
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    Sold/Expired Embroidered shirts, t-shirts etc - Help please

    Where do people buy their emroidered shirts and t-shirts and how much are you paying for them please? Do you have your own logo on the shirts and if so how much more did you have to pay for this the first time around? I would be grateful for any kind of feedback. Thank you
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    All England Masters adjudication

    I see that the Masters will now be three adjudicators in the same box. Apparently the three invited adjudicators would not accept being separated as they were in the past few years and would only accept the invitation if they were closed in together. My view is that this is one of the best...
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    Grand Shield

    So, the bands for the Grand Shield in May are now announced. What are your predictions? I would expect the top 6 to include Sellars, Travelsphere, Leyland, Desford, Fishburn and Rothwell Temperance The list of bands is: Aveley & Newham Beaumaris Besses o'th Barn Desford Colliery East...