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    Paddy's Wychavon - 2010

    Well how long is it since I was here? Thanks to Eccles for inviting me to help them out on percussion - yes percussion not trombone - it is always nice to be on the winning side. Well done Eccles, mind you, if we hadn't won I would have arranged an appointment for Roy Sparkes with ENT, Eccles...
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    Sold/Expired Genuine offer to be heard by more people

    I am putting this information on as it is a genuine offer to bands who wish to widen their exposure to the general public worldwide. I can personally vouch for the company. A few words of explanation. Denny is based in Grimsby. This company is linked to another site he owns...
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    Dynamic Delaney

    2nd man down - here is something from the book, a contribution from Norman Thewlis, a Theatrical and entertainments manager: "To save money he used to sleep in the venues...even when he was sixty, he was sleeping on benches in clubs after the gigs". Well, he is a cockney ;) geordiecolin - I...
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    Dynamic Delaney

    :rolleyes: I would have liked to have seen that, I will have to see if it is on 'catch up' tv.
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    Dynamic Delaney

    He is living in London somewhere, but you never know where he will crop up, as he still does guest appearances here there and everywhere. Eddie Sammons (author of the book) told me last week that Eric went for dinner with him, and that's in Gandia, Spain!
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    Dynamic Delaney

    THE MAGNIFICENT ERIC DELANEY by Eddie Sammons Reviewed by Tim Paton Who is Eric Delaney? If you were around in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it is unlikely that you will not have at least heard of the famous drummer and showman who would come to be known as Dynamic Delaney, in fact, some of you may...
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    Sold/Expired 30 years ago today

    Hello all. If you would like to hear Flixton Band playing their tribute to Elvis Presley who died 30 years ago, then visit
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    The demand is still there

    I find it very frustrating that people who want a band at their 'do' have a shock reaction to the band asking for payment. I have explained to Mr or Ms 'Booker' on several occasions how much it costs to run an amateur local band. If I may give a similar example, people will pay 20 or 30...
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    For the Beauty of the Earth

    I too can hear it as I write, a beautiful setting. I am not aware of a brass band version, good luck in your search, maybe DaveR's suggestion is the most viable.
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    Finlandia with Chorus

    An alternative is to sing the patriotic Finish words, either in the original language, or the translation, (I myself have sung one of the translations, which begins, "Land of the free, and land of high endevour"). My brother has a Finish girlfriend, who tells me that this is sung more than the...
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    Finlandia with Chorus

    Weston Brass performed this with the Landsker Singers at my Mother's memorial concert in 2005. This is a brass band arrangement, and the traditional Choral setting used is "Be Still my Soul", which, if the choir do not already have it in their library, is still obtainable on hire. The Landsker...
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    Stop Cop Out Arrangements, Your Not Fooling Anyone!!!

    Sorry brassneck, and thank you. My Soprano Conet Solo "Neruda" actually says on the score and parts, "An adaptation of the 1st movement of Neruda's Concerto in Eb for Trumpet and Strings"!
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    Stop Cop Out Arrangements, Your Not Fooling Anyone!!!

    Mike Lyons has made a couple of points in this thread which I would like to refer to. One is about transcription/arrangement. I refer to this in "What is an arrangement", which is in the tMP articles section. Peter Bale made a very good point in an extensive reply to this, (which was...
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    Percussion Features

    Here is one that might interest you, full details on this link, it is the tenth one down on the page!
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    Stop Cop Out Arrangements, Your Not Fooling Anyone!!!

    Sonatatina for Piano by Scarlatti. No it isn't, it's Clementi - sorry
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    Stop Cop Out Arrangements, Your Not Fooling Anyone!!!

    You would not find me trying to say phil collins should not have used that mozart or was it bach in his hit. (the name of which escapes me, please help!) "When im feeling blue, all i have to do, is take a look at you, then im not so blue." You know the one!! - quote from Jon P Nothing to do...
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    Let Me Entertain You

    “LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU” Tim Paton This is the title of a song by Robbie Williams, but what does the word entertain actually mean? In our own ‘band movement’, it seems that this word is often being redefined. It is becoming quite normal to hear the words entertainment and cheesy in the same...
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    Help for Band practice

    With compliments from Julie - she found it on a New Zealand band website
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    29 years ago today.....

    I was conducting a band once in an Entertainment Contest. Our last item was "Presley in Mind", and our compere put on an Elvis wig, and introduced this final number in an American accent. Before the band left the performing area, he shouted from the back, "Elvis has left the building". This...
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    A Question for Publishers

    Brassneck and Maestro, you are quite right, which is why I informed Mark that Cat Walker at Music Sales would give him advice concerning issues relating to it being a transcription of an arrangement.