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  1. gargoyle_addict

    2nd euph Swansea area

    Euph player competent up to 3rd section as a 2nd euph (or random spare Bari part :p ). Playing for last 15 years, 6 on Euph. Did play principal for a year with Kirklees Youth Brass Band in Huddersfield, but prefer a supporting role for reasons of confidence and other commitments. Have own...
  2. gargoyle_addict

    How do you carry a Euphonium on a Motorbike?

    didn't know where else to post this question, so here we go. This is a serious question by the way. I'm getting a bike which will be my only mode of transport, and being heartily sick of hugging/lugging my euph on a bus and clouting old ladies inadvertantly (that and the south wales public...
  3. gargoyle_addict

    Greetings (spot the newbie)

    Hello People. Well, who am I? I'm a Euph player, currently not with a band although possibly seeking soon in the Swansea area. Not been playing much over the last few years due to moving around a lot and not having my own transport, but trying to get back into it. I work (don't we all)...