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    Euro 2014

    Any idea when the test piece for the Europeans is announced? Getting far too excited here...
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    The Hot Canary

    Hello tMPers... Was wondering if anyone knew whether the Hot Canary has been released for general sale? Or if anyone knows where I could get hold of it? Something I've wanted to have a plug at for a while. Cheers now!
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    Euphonium Quartet

    Hello all, I am forming a Euphonium quartet in Cornwall and was wondering if anyone knew of any good sites of music for this ensemble, or may be able to help us directly with music. Thank you all!
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    Area Appeals

    I have just been on the West of England grading tables and noticed that a band appealed against relegation and they have not been relegated. I'm not having a dig, I'm just interested into the conditions of which a band can appeal against going down a section?
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    English Nationals 2012

    Does anybody know any own choice selections for the upcoming English Nationals competition in Preston?
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    Rusulkas song to the moon

    Is there a written piano part to the cornet solo Rusulkas song to the moon? Got a friend who would like to play it, if anyone could help that would be brill! Cheers!
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    Own Choice competitions

    Was thinking the other day, at own choice competitions adjudicators sometimes get the score on the day of the contest, something that will be happening at the Weston Super Mare contest next Sunday. I'm sure we will not be the only band on the day that decides to choose a piece that can be...
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    British Open 2012

    Anyone heard any rumours on the test piece selection for British Open? :P
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    Guest Soloist

    Need some help and advise to a starting point! Would like to start pushing myself more, so what is the general etiquette/way of finding soloist engagements with other bands? Thanks for your help! :)
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    Yeovil 2012

    Hi all! Making the trek to Yeovil for the entertainment contest this year, does anyone know who is adjudicating and what the draw is? Much appreciated! :)
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    Exmouth Entertainment Contest

    Hello all! Was just wondering if anyone had any copies of rules for the exmouth contest? Just wanna check something :P Thank you :)
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    Breath of Souls - Paul Lovatt Cooper

    I don't know if one has been released, but does anyone have a recording of Breath of Souls by Paul Lovatt Cooper? Having day trip to RAH and wouldn't mind a listen beforehand! Cheers!
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    Split lip!

    Hi all, I recently spilt my lip and have recently taken about a week off. But whenever I do even a little bit of practice, it goes again. Does anyone have any tips so I can get myself up to scratch again as soon as possible? Thanks :)
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    New grandfather clock- alan fernie

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody knew where I could buy The New Grandfather Clock by Alan Fernie (if it is avaliable for purchase!), thanks all :)
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    SWBBA Torquay November

    Hi all, who will be joining Lanner and District at November Torquay this year? :)
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    Regional test pieces

    Hi all, does anybody know the release date of the regional test pieces 2011? Cheers
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    Hi all, next question! Does anyone know whos in the box for the West of England regionals? Thanks!
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    Bugle 2010

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows the pieces for the Bugle contest 2010 or when they are going to be released? Thanks
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    Hey Hey!

    Havent properly introduced myself! Names Matt, play 1st Baritone for Lanner and District. Cheers!:clap:
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    Area test pieces 2010

    Hi all! Just wondering, what do you all think will be the 2010 regional test pieces? Personally I can see championship being possibly Harrisons Dream and 1st section either Spectrum or if they really wanted to test us, Year of the Dragon? Im not sure, if anyone has any suggestions or idea of...