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    Sold/Expired domain name for sale

    Hi I have the domain name which I have never used and which I am considering selling, but only for a sensible offer. If anyone is interested in this please PM me. Anyone who purchases the name will require an ISP account in which to hold it and I would ask them to pay any...
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    mp3 downloads from band website or itunes?

    Has anyone looked into selling mp3 downloads from their website or itunes? I understand I can buy a licence from PRS and then sell downloads from our site, but has anyone looked into the alternative of selling mp3s through itunes or a similar third party site? The recordings would not be from...
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    TMP headlines for your band web site

    Hi I have written some flash panels which can be used to put up to date TMP headlines on your bands website. It has been tested on for a while now and John has given me permission to serve them from TMP. If you would like to use them for your site please go to...