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  1. Mello

    Brian ( Mitzi ) Wilkinson

    Thanks Ralph for the info...but I am so so sorry he passed has away. Briefly ::: We lost touch when I moved to Spain, but amazingly his daughter ( your sister? ) was sitting next to me flying back to the UK. She had been on Hol & I was going to do work in the RNCM. Somehow we started chatting &...
  2. Mello

    Locked-up lock-down valves

    d Sorry 2nd Tenor Thank you for your kind words . much appreciated but I got sniped at too many times , so stopped posting, although I helped a few folk via pms. I do check occasionally , to see what is happening. Its true I had a decent playing career and have over 40yrs teaching...
  3. Mello

    Locked-up lock-down valves

    I am certainly not disagreeing with the good folk who have posted on this subject .In fact the prime reason for my posting was to draw attention to inexperienced and casual players , that Storage can create many problems which can be avoided by simply storing them carefully. I know when I was...
  4. Mello

    Locked-up lock-down valves

    I find it very sad that some players have not bothered to practice during lockdown but even worse ....if that was their intention , they didnt bother putting their instrument in storage mode. The old maxim If I miss a days practice I can tell - miss 2 days - my colleagues can tell . - iss...
  5. Mello

    Is it me or does no one post here anymore?

    Obviously COVID has blocked all Banding as we know it....and some bands have begun virtual concerts which they stream . At least one band have tried to keep their players interest alive by holding Zoom evenings,. which Newhall MD Kevin Holgate organises for his band members. He invites well...
  6. Mello


    I know there is one as I played it with CWS Mcr in the '50s. Sorry I dont know of any others
  7. Mello

    What’s your favourite instrument and why?

    Interesting to look back on some of these 'old' posts. Seeing how they wander in and out of the original topic. for what its worth , my favourite instrument is the Trombone . I used to do the odd gig in clubs on bone , after that my next fav is Euphonium. However , as time passed , other...
  8. Mello

    A DELIGHT to listen to!

    Hearing them live? That must have been quite something.Too true it was ....... I had the good fortune of organising the Canadian Brass group UK work for a number of years as promotions manager of Yamaha UK. That meant driving them around the hotels ...organising meals...
  9. Mello

    Mouthpiece information

    It may well have been made as a specific player model....a kind of copy of a special players own mouthpiece . That used to happen at B& H ...and with other makers also. It still happens but no longer at B&H obviously.Unless some one who has one of those m/pieces recognises it ..there is...
  10. Mello

    "Band Bashing"

    A sad situation indeed..I have no idea of who is the 'said' band are .Which - if I were in the area would make me wary of all bands in that area. Also there seems to be an acceptance by some ...and ignorance by others as to if in fact there are any problems.. May I suggest that problems...
  11. Mello

    Earplugs and playing

    .. To help illustrate: The late Frank Bryce used to relate the time he first took a rehearsal with James Shepherd Versatile Brass, ( on his Toccata) He said . when they opened up, he was amazed at the weight of sound that hit and surrounded him. Like a thick wall of sound ....fabulous ...and...
  12. Mello

    Earplugs and playing

    ""higher section bands make a bigger sound, but that's as much down to better intonation and balance as it is to individual volume "". I am not disagreeing with anything which has been said, but bear in mind many of the top bands have an audition process which tends to equate to cherry...
  13. Mello

    Brass Bands England Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

    Wow Thank you Graeme, That certainly is a blast from the past. One for my Scrapbook for sure. And thankyou for your kind words. Cheers Gordon
  14. Mello

    Brass Bands England Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

    Thanks for your kind I mentioned ..I am gradually accepting it ..just a strange feelinG to begin with.
  15. Mello

    Brass Bands England Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

    May I through these columns Thank all the people who sent me congratulations and good wishes on my receiving the BBE Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 . during the BBE Conference in Manchester on 28th Sept. I have to say it was a very , big surprise , and a really weird feeling. I can best...
  16. Mello


    Alan Catherall is one of the most unassuming , talented , versatile guys I have ever met. He also is a tremendously loyal bandsman and willing to help anyone , anywhere. His arrangements are fabulous . His stuff is always liked , & I ALWAYS tried to include his Evergreen in my solo gigs Tried...
  17. Mello


    Oops sorry.! ...I read it as you were in a band that had a mellow player .Certainly no offence taken problem at all ...I thought maybe you had been with Templemore whose flugel player was involved with the Bee .....and got mixed up as it was so long ago. .To be honest I had to Google it...
  18. Mello


    Incidentally the 1984 version fron the Europeans features our own Mello playing Le Cor Vole and the Blight of the Fumble Bee. Brings back wonderful memories of listening. ( Pastit ) Reply An interesting comment ...I am curious which band you were in when you say our own Mello played Le Cor...
  19. Mello


    Just a stroll down memory lane....and to allow younger players the chance to experience what used to be . After the tensions of the National Finals contest in the RAH, there used to be Three concerts the same day. A short one usually Televised on BBC whilst awaiting the results which were given...