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    Whit Friday Results?

    How long does it usually take for to get updated? I can see a full list of placings for diggle and delph on their own websites but am curious about the rest :D
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    Black Peas at Whit Friday

    Do they advertise them in there then? The Chinese chippy in Uppermill does them too if you ask for them but they arent on the menu - absolutely wonderful though!
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    Whit Friday Postcode Help!!!

    are they going to move all the barriers currently on Chapel Road as it didnt look like you could get a coach past them when I went down last week! Does sound like greenfield is going to be a bit chaotic this year but if everybody knows that then perhaps a lot will avoid it?
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    Getting back into it?

    thanks, I'll look into them when I get a bit of time :)
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    Getting back into it?

    Hi! I started playing trombone at junior school some 25 years ago (yes, with a coathanger around the slide so I could reach 6th position :D), all through school and with a couple of the bands at Oldham Music Centre. I left it when I left school 15 years ago and havent really done anything...
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    Whit Friday - best place to watch/listen?

    well I decided on Delph last night (missed the flying eggs though!?) - nice spot. Some good bands but I soon got sick of hearing Ravenswood!
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    Whit Friday - best place to watch/listen?

    is it possible to move between venues, or are you pretty much stuck where you are? (just thinking about traffic)
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    Whit Friday - best place to watch/listen?

    I rather regretfully have to admit to never having been to the saddleworth contest (even though I only live about 20 minutes away!). So I am planning on taking a ride up tonight, but there are so many locations. Do all the bands go to each village (I doubt it)? Is there any particular spot...