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  1. Michael Walls

    a smelly Case

    My tenor horn case, being rather vintage has a distinctive aroma of essence of Foist, does anyone know of a way to remove same, I think I may have to replace the lining of the case. michael
  2. Michael Walls

    John Grey TH Mouthpiece

    The mouthpiece that came with my Besson TH is a John Grey, is there much difference between one make and another I do seem to be getting on ok with it Mike
  3. Michael Walls


    I find after a sustained period of practice my lips appear red in a mouthpiece shape and tingle for some time after Is this normal am I doing something wrong or will it pass with practice Mike
  4. Michael Walls

    The arrival of my Besson Tenor Horn

    My vintage Besson T H arrived so I had my first practice, managed to get sounds immediately after ten minutes a managed to raise and lower the pitch with my embrochure thanks to all your hints So I am quite pleased Having a break until the lip Tingles go. Mike
  5. Michael Walls

    Recommended books for tenor horn

    Could any one recommend a basic tutor book to ready me for my first lesson
  6. Michael Walls

    Senior starter

    Greetings Mike.clarinetist from Queensbury New starter on Tenor Horn