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  1. Colin Hardy

    What became of Denis Carr

    Yes i am the same that you remember, I mentioned Derek roebuck at Brighouse at that time when I moved from trombone to baritone I sat next to Dennis Carr he was on 2nd euphonium to Bob Davidson happy days
  2. Colin Hardy

    What became of Denis Carr

    As far as I am aware Denis Carr is still living in South Yorkshire unfortunately Derek roebuck died about 2 years ago, a great character I played next to him at brighouse in 1961 colin hardy
  3. Colin Hardy

    British Open - Predictions Competition

    !st Black Dyke 2nd Buy as you View 3rd Fodens 4th YBS 5th Brighouse 6th Grimethorpe
  4. Colin Hardy

    Old Silkstone March Contest

    Anybody got the full results of Saturday's Contest
  5. Colin Hardy

    John Thomas Dodd

    Sad Hi Derek, so sorry to hear of Tommy's death he was indeed a fine Baritone player and it was a pleasure to have played along side him. How old was he Derek?? any details of the funeral, unfortunately I go away next week to spain for 2 weeks but let me know anyway Cheers Colin
  6. Colin Hardy

    Hello from the Scottish Borders

    Nice write up Alan, and written in such a way as to keep the bandspeople on side and also with some good witt./ I look forward to being in the box with you on the11th March Colin Hardy