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    Sold/Expired Any baritone stuff for sale??

    Now then, Just wondered if anyone had a baritone practice mute, gig bag (preferably leather) or Denis Wick SM4(B) / Vincent Bach 4GS mouthpieces for sale? Please PM with details if you have as I would be very interested! :biggrin: cheese
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    I can't thank you all enough for your advice/thoughts and for those of you recounting personal experiences. I'm glad that those who have suffered are now recovered or at least recovering. The first i knew of my friends depression was an overdose (fortunately nothing too damaging but more of a...
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    Sorry for such a down-beat thread but I'm looking for anyone's advice on how people cope with clinical depression. A good friend has been diagnosed and on pills for sometime now but things seem to be getting worse rather than better. Has anyone out there experience depression and if so, how...
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    Area Opinions

    People slated Prague last year but from a 'listeners' perspective at this and last year's Areas, I enjoyed it much more than Tristan. Not sure I'd have said that from a first hearing of each piece but certainly from the point of view of sitting through 10+ bands! Should add that I haven't...
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    why do you go to band?

    That's a very good question at the moment. Why DO I go to band? I go first and foremost to make quality music. I want to have a laugh with mates but that comes secondary to what the whole point of the organisation making! Some people turn up and it's like a social club to...
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    Music degrees

    I got into Huddersfield on one A Level (music) and a BTEC Nat Dip in Performing Arts. I never got grade 8 on my principle instrument and didn't need it to get in although I was required to get grade 3 on keyboard :shock: I think the interview/audition is the key for them to assess performance...
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    Yorkshire areas second section

    Despite just being promoted, Hebden Bridge could be a dark horse.
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    Problems With Teeth

    Arrgh, what a nightmare for you! Someone once told me that when you sleep your gums relax and your teeth best excuse for not being able to play in the morning! If this is true (and, I should add, I know nothing about dentistry) maybe it would be worth doing practice just after you...
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    Slack Banders

    It's the smokers that are always late in!!!!!! We start rehearsals with whoever arrives on time but it never gives others the incentive to arrive a few minutes earlier. Whose job is it to sort out? MD, band or committee?? Our MD must be tearing his hair out but he has made it very clear that...
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    Slack Banders

    I sympathise, Alks :( Same situation at my band only with perhaps slightly better reasons given than watching footie/tv (if the reasons are the truth that is!) We have some empty seats that we are unable to fill but also a number of 'part timers' (i.e. 1 night a week only for various...
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    Band Politics

    Sorry :oops: Just seen the thread titled 'Slack Banders' and guess that's where my last post should be really! Still think it's very difficult to be sacking players when you've already got 5 or 6 regularly empty seats.
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    Band Politics

    It'd be great to be in a position to be able to sack players. The band I am currently in has a lot of wasters (perfectly good players but slack at home practice and attendance). Admittedly, morale is low due to a number of vacancies across the band and, therefore, empty seats at rehearsals but...
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    West Side Story - Eric Crees Arrangement

    Unfortunately I don't think it's been published which is a real shame as it's cracking :( I tried to track it down some time ago without success. Maybe contact the composer?? Sorry
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    Dundee Photos

    I e-mailed them too but have had no response either. Will let you know if I hear anything.
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    Dundee Photos

    Seedhouse you're a star! Cheers everyone :D
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    Bari Mouthpieces

    You could be right!! So as not to upset anyone though I will quickly point out that my question was genuine as I need all the help I can get. I'm used to playing euph and having it easy. I find bari much more challenging (perhaps not part wise) particularly playing loudly and maintaining a...
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    Bari Mouthpieces

    Warmer sound wanted.....anyone got any recomendations on the mouthpiece front?
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    Dundee Photos

    Anyone know if there are any official 'on stage' photos from Dundee at the weekend? I thought I spotted a guy hanging over the balcony taking them (at least I assumed he was a photographer cos I didn't think Eric Ball would drive average members of the audience to that sort of thing!) Might it...
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    Any Mr Men experts out there?

    I need to settle an arguement with the bloke sat opposite me... Was Mr Impossible one of the original Mr Men and if so, how can I prove it?! I distinctly remember Arthur Lowe narrating it on the TV cos, as far as I know, Mr Impossible was the only Mr Man with an American accent! I'm sure...
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    Greatest Euphonium solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Brilliante - Peter Graham has to be my number one (duet not solo of course.) The best recording that I have of it is by the Childs Bros at the British Bandsman Centenery Concert....fantastic! Also love the solo arrangement of Softly Awakes My Heart - Saint Saens (not sure who arranged it though.)